Analysis of the Article "Cyberbullying in Schools: the Law on Suspension for Online Conduct"

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This article describes Cyberbullying as an epidemic, and as we become more technological many new issues would be coming up as cyberbullying which have caused numerous fatalities all around the country and world. Cyberbullying indifference from the traditional bullying is more dangerous for various reasons as everyone can be an anonymous individual, everyone can see pictures of everyone as well as videos. On the other hand, traditional bullying used to stop as soon the victim leaves the place and it was more physical or verbal intimidations, now with the cyberbullying the intimidations and the aggression can be a constant thing and not only the offender/bully can post hate messages of the victim, they also can post fraudulent messages, explicit pictures, and private messages. And in addition, according to the book, “Juvenile Delinquency in a Diverse Society, Second Edition, Bates”, juveniles are the more affected by this cyberbullying, due to this many juveniles can’t handle too much hate and sadly they commit suicidal.

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One of the first states that have created some legal type of law regards to cyberbullying was California since 2006. Due to this, many more states and lawmakers have focused on this issue in order to minimize it. The legal definition of cyberbullying can be seen as “a severe or persuasive physical or verbal act or conduct, made with an electric gadget as a cell-phone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc. The state of California severely punishes the act of cyberbullying even that if a student is caught sending malicious, he or she can be expelled or suspended from their school or educational institution. Some additional information about this tough on cyberbullying comes in the case of Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District. In this case, three students in order to protest the war against Vietnam they decided to come one day to school with black armbands. The three students were automatically suspended, next, this issue ends up on the supreme court alleged the school that one of the policies about the school district prohibits material that might interfere with appropriate discipline among other students and teachers of the school. An important thing about this case is that student’s acts do not even reach a level of uncomfortable among the people surrounded them, the due to this the students are constitutionally protected from issues of this nature.

To conclude, this article has shown us how other states and court cases have been created due to cyberbullying. As I already mentioned earlier, cyberbullying has become one of the biggest issues on today’s society because everyone can post something on the internet and everyone can create a false account and send a malicious message to anyone. The difference with the traditional bulling it would stay that the place where it stated but now on cyberbullying it continues. For this reason, the state of California had started the fight against cyberbullying. Unfortunately many more people should be aware of the issues that might come on any social media post, the best recommendation is to only allow people that are “real” on the real world and don’t fall in the fake accounts.

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