Analysis of the Book "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass"

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The definition of knowledge is when someone grasps information, facts and skills through experience. On the other hand, freedom is having the right to do something, basically doing whatever you want but in a positive way. The book “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.” is about his whole life, there is also a letter a man named Wendell Phillips , Douglass was a man who was born in to slave he experienced many harsh things but grew up to be a mature person. At a very young age he was put to work he had many owners, some took good care of him and some were very rude to him but that didn’t stop him to do what he loved, he was an interesting person who was passionate about many things that made him realize some things. All of this leads to one thing( similarities between freedom and knowledge.)

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The book of Frederick Douglass is mainly about his overall life. It begins with him as a child, he tells us about how people were treated and he also talks a bit about his mother because he barely had a chance to talk to her/meet her. Throughout the whole autobiography of Frederick Douglass, Douglass discusses about wanting to learn new things and what he started to realize throughout his life, For instance, when he says “I was now about to be twelve years old, and the thought of being a slave for life began to bear heavily upon my heart” he starts to understand more things than back to when he was a child he mentions himself wanting to do many things in order for him to become free, he thinks that the reason why the rich don’t let the slaves to learn was because they were supposed to be used as slaves, that’s why no slaves new anything, work, was doing what their owners told them to do that was it. In my opinion, all of this adds up at some point because Frederick when through thick and thin with his owners and learned things which he understood he even learned how to read thanks to his owner mrs,Auld. She was a nice lady who taught him how to read and write until Mr.Auld found out and convinced his wife to stop teaching him. Since that day Fredericik didn’t want to give up some he learned by himself and actually learned, he wanted to write novels to tell everyone his story, he wanted to explain one day what he went through and what he did to get there.

His book also tells us many useful things about him learning which leads him to his dream, freedom but before all of that he used his own knowledge. Knowledge comes and stays with you forever if someone learns something really special in a way that they really were hungry to know more about it. So when someone has that passion they deserve to learn more, just like FRederick Douglass.Douglass worked hard during his youthful years, he kept stepping up everytime until he reached his number one goal.

Freedom means to live life like how you want to wish it, living with any worries or threats of anything and knowledge is understanding its purpose with no estimation.

Freedom and Knowledge have some similarities and differences but mostly similarities. One of their similarities is having passion for it like i said before another one is that one of them is their pathway to get to the other one.Surprisingly this book gives us some experience of someone who actually went through phases and became a great man.Frederick never turned back and always walked forward. 

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