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Analysis of the Characters of the Heroes Forrest Gump

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The true example of what it means for someone to prosper and grow with adversity constantly by his side. I guess what makes him so likeable to millions around the world including me, is his sense of acceptance to whatever comes his way. There is no doubt or worry in the back of his mind of what the future may hold for him. He treats every situation with the same amount of love and compassion and lets faith be the overall determination of his rewards. Even when asked by Jenny, “who are you gonna be” or by the army recruiter, “have you ever thought about your future”, Forrest seems to be so confused of the question. This just shows that he doesn’t worry about what is going to happen or what is bound to happen. He just does things to his liking and when he wants to stop, he will probably respond, “I’ll just go home now”. It almost seems like everything he does is out of pure dumb luck, but when reflecting back to the decisions he made, his passion and kindness is something to be inspired by.

Humility, sincerity, innocence are the values that Forrest was always ingrained with. Whether it be becoming a war hero, a collegiate football player, a shrimp boat tycoon, Forrest never allowed for any of the fame or wealth distract him. Some may say that his personality is boring since he does not change throughout; however, I feel as if being unchanging is what makes Forrest such a lovable character. Although he was unaware of the impact he made on history, it actually allowed him to stay humble and instead fixate his attention on the simple things in life. Just like you and I, Forrest has to encounter uncontrollable challenges and setbacks such as losing the ones he loves, growing up without a father, and much more. But besides all of that, he also desires for things in life that we also seek. From finding love to family to making money, what makes Forrest Gump so easily appealing is at the end of the day his normality. We love the underdog and that is the reason why Forrest Gump is without a doubt my favorite character of all time.

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From superheroes to wizards, it is ironic how my most favorite character in all of film is someone so ordinary. Ordinary in the sense of how they act around others as well as the challenges they are accustomed to. What makes Forrest Gump an amazing character are not only his achievements alone, but his innocence and humility during those times. I just love those who have challenges but can push through by using other strengths they have, and Forrest Gump truly epitomizes that mold.


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