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Analysis Of The Elements Of The Culture in a Support Group

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The structure of culture can be evaluated at numerous stages, with the phrase “level” signifying the measure that the cultural phenomenon is perceptible to you as the applicant or viewer. This analysis will describe the deep elements of the culture in a support group.

Cancer can start in any location in the body. Malignant cells can grow out of control and overtake regular cells. Malignancy can be treated, and patients can lead a healthy life after chemotherapy and radiation. Support groups are formed as a catalyst for the patients and their families to provide extended care, education and other means necessary to guide and equip them with the tools to encounter the ups and downs of cancer.

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Artifacts of Cancer

Comprehending your diagnosis

  • Steps to define the kind of malignancy and diagnosis.
  • What is involved with the treatment method.

Patients are able to receive responses to questions and they will have awareness of what to expect from the patients and amenities that are available to assist them with coping with cancer.

Finding and paying for treatment

  • Case Managers are accessible to find the right healthcare team to get to know the needs of the patients.
  • Patients will be paired with a team of medical professionals throughout your treatment.
  • They will develop a doctor-patient relationship
  • A designated clinic treatment center will be selected that meets the desires of the patient and relatives.

Treatment and side affects

  • Various kinds of treatment plans are used for cancer.
  • Traditional therapies, clinical trials, and alternative treatment will be discussed with the patient and relatives.
  • The healthcare group will take over the side effects of the therapies.

Support for caregivers and relatives.

  • Cancer diagnosis affects friends and relatives as well. Case Managers will train and educate relatives and friends on what to expect as a caregiver and tips for taking care of themselves.
  • Preparing for the transition (End of Life)
  • Hospice care will be appointed in the event the patient is terminal. The healthcare team will provide empathetic care for the patient in the last stages of the incurable disease, so they can live as comfort as possible.
  • Counseling will be afforded to the family to deal with the loss.

Espoused Beliefs and Values

  • Explore the inter-relatedness of culture and spirituality in the framework of cancer caregiving and suggestions for progressing the health care team.
  • Understanding spiritual-cultural influences that affect responses to cancer are essential if a nurse is to provide effective care.

Basic Underlying Assumptions

  • Support will offer support in a variety of methods.
  • Self-help groups are conducted by group members.
  • A skilled counselor, social worker, or psychologist will facilitate the conversation amongst the participants.


Cancer of any kind is known to be one of the furthermost stressful experiences in an individual’s life. Care assemblies are designed to help people to cope with the emotional facets of cancer by offering a safe place to convey their emotional state and trials. They also permit participants to be taught and educated by specialists and others struggling with the situations.


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