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Analysis of the Film Pay It Forward

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This is the kind of movie that moves you and leaves you reflecting about it and makes you wonder if you could affect and influence people the same way Trevor did. With the gushy moments and the thoughtfulness of a little boy going in his adolescent stage make this a great sentimental movie for most. As a boy with no father and a mother who is emotionally preoccupied with her own problems, all Trevor had was himself. While in school, a social studies class is given a difficult task to come up with an idea to change the world and to put it into action. To his teacher’s surprise, Trevor was the only kid who came up with an aspiring idea to bring betterment to the role. Here is where Trevor was given a spotlight. where Trevor came up with the idea of Pay it Forward, an act of kindness to be done while branching out to other people. For every kind thing he does for a person, that person too, must do something kind for 3 other people. This was a very helpful challenge because it easily spread and was given attention soon enough.

The whole movie revolved around one objective. One objective that could possibly change the world. Change, which is the only constant in this changing world. “Pay It Forward” is an inspiring film, a lesson of a hopeful life for a better future. As for the story, it is interesting and one of a kind. Nothing like the other movies. The performances of the three leads were what held this film together. kind. Nothing like the other movies. The performances of the three leads were what held this film together. A lesson I picked from this movie is that a small act of kindness could mean the world to someone. It is genuinely moving and heartfelt. This movie struck how the innocence of a child could impact a whole body of people. The movie escalated from a light introduction to a very deep and meaningful movie worth watching. A lesson I picked from this movie is that a small act of kindness could mean the world to someone.

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It is genuinely moving and heartfelt. The performances of the three leads were what held this film together. This movie struck how the innocence of a child could impact a whole body of people. The very talented Kevin Spacey played the scarred teacher, one of the outstanding scenes was when the reason behind his scars were revealed. Helen Hunt was matched with him beautifully as the mother, who desperately tries to fill in the gaps of her wrecked home with alcohol. Unknowingly affecting her own son, Trevor. The main star of the show is Haley Joel Osment as Trevor, known as the most talented child actor on film, who perfectly conveyed the 11 year old boy who wanted to make a difference. This film was very light at first and ended up dark towards the end. It is genuinely moving and heartfelt. The flow of direction is excellent. Mimi Leder, does an excellent job here keeping the film engrossing and doing an excellent job overall. “If somebody does something for you, don’t pay it back, pay it forward”. This quote struck me the most from this movie. An innocent child who is mistakenly unaware of the status of his own area, stands up and becomes the change he wants to see in the world.

Trevor, or Haley Joel Osment is undeniably one of the best child artists in his generation. He portrayed his character in this movie as Trevor remarkably. His innocence and involvement all worked out together in the film and rendered his character well. His mother Arlene and His teacher Eugene had just the right amount of chemistry to work together and touch the hearts of the viewers. The lines that these characters had were very striking thus leaving marks in the minds of the audience. All three bring justice to people that they portray. But mainly intriguing is Osment. He doesn’t need words to express his ideas. His body language speaks for all. Everything he does has a meaning and depicts his character’s personality. Osment is one true gifted actor just like the other two. This movie deals with many different emotions, and is not intended for those with weak hearts for films like these. With a lesson and an emotional drag on the morals of mankind, this movie will keep you thinking.

The main flow of the movie seemed a bit off as it was moving too slow. With the slow progression from scene to scene, I found it sudden that after all that Trevor has accomplished, just moments it was all taken away from him. The sudden death did not add up to my expectations. I did not think it was necessary for Arlene, Trevor’s mother to bring back his father after all that he has done. These are just some of the things I did not like about this movie. Some scenes from the movie had bad angles and the position of the camera was unstable. Although, I like the way the actors delivered their lines which made up for some of the errors I noticed regarding the cinematography. The ending doesn’t fit within the story. It is way too in the extreme, sudden and violent in a way that it is not suitable for a younger audience. The setting of this movie was appropriate and I appreciate the effects they added. Considering this film was shot in the 2000’s. The technology gap did not seem to affect the overall outcome of the movie. The delivery of lines was spectacular and it was perfectly delivered by the appropriately chosen actors in the said movie. Although the plot was slow, it was still understandable and the longevity of the movie did not bore me.

This movie is a tear jerker not just because of the actors, how they portrayed their roles or the lights and effects, but because of the message it was giving out. We need to be the change we want to see in the world. We should not demand change that we ourselves cannot conform to. It truly inspired a lot of viewers and indeed spread hope that there is something we can do to make a change. If Trevor did not let his age or experiences discourage himself, why should you? This is a movie I would recommend to a family or even children. It lets you enjoy the movie while having something to take out of it.


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