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Analysis of the Functions of Management Through Different Management Theories

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Executive summary

The purpose of this report to show the functions of management. In this report, I touched on the Belbin theory, Myers Brigg theory and Daniel Goleman theory. Theses few theories are the backbone of what makes a good management. I believe that working in a team is important to the work life or to any organisations, by equipping myself with the necessary skills it allows me to explore and speak with my companions. Understanding human feelings and how they adapt distinctive circumstances empowers me to respond correspondingly to it. As a committed professional, I am committed in driving decent variety and enthusiastic help in the organisation environment. I am currently studying Accountancy and have been enthusiastically gaining experiences that will aid me in my future whether in accounting sector, human resource or in sales. Through these jobs, I can viably rehearse labour administration and group attachment. Along my college considers, I have likewise played the influential position in creating activities and assorted variety through undertakings and curricular exercises.

Statement of Purpose

I believe that working in a team is important to the work life or to any organisations, by equipping myself with the necessary skills it allows me to explore and speak with my companions. Understanding human feelings and how they adapt distinctive circumstances empowers me to respond correspondingly to it.

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Management is basic necessity for an organised life and it is important to run a wide range of organisations. Great management is the foundation of effective organisations. Managing life implies completing things to accomplish life’s targets and managing an organisation implies completing things through other individuals to accomplish its goals. Management is a standard arrangement to identify the functions of planning, organising, commanding, coordinating and controlling. The utilization of these standards in saddling physical, money related, human and enlightening assets productively and successfully to accomplish hierarchical objectives.

According to Edmund Heery and Mike Noon (2009), Group roles portray the conduct that we can perceive when we cooperate with others. Each group work is methodology in managing work and with teams. At the end of the day, a most loved style of collaboration that can be seen by working with others. Group work are the ideal instrument to utilize these diverse styles to their fullest potential. A group must comprise of various roles to accomplish greatest execution. The nine roles are basically reciprocal. They supplement and fortify one another, yet they can negate and contend with one another. A group relationship says a great deal in regards to the style of work of a colleague and originates from the identity of the person. By and by, we as a whole have a few team roles that fit us normally and some that we truly don’t care for. The nine team roles are Implementer, Resource Investigator, Plant, Monitor, Shaper, Coordinator, Completer Finisher, Teamworker and Specialist. The way of organising, planning, leading and controlling resources inside a substance with the general point of accomplishing its objectives. The organisational management of a business should have the capacity to settle on choices and resolve issues with the end goal to be both powerful and helpful.

According to Creed & Phillips (2011), individuals and their connections characterize the contemporary work environment. Organisational behaviour has incorporated methodology that offers a basic prologue to the subject. Taking care of many-sided quality and worldwide hierarchical reorientation, the content represents how organisation can use demonstrated hypotheses of individuals and connections in the work environment to be responsive and pertinent now and into what’s to come. Managers are individuals who steer their members towards meeting its targets. Manager has been portrayed as: ‘the way toward arranging, sorting out, driving and controlling the endeavours of individuals and utilizing all hierarchical asset to accomplish organisational objectives. A manager role is to keep up power over the manner in which an association gets things done, and in the meantime to lead, move and direct the general population under them. The pith of the hypothesis is that much apparently irregular variety in the conduct is entirely efficient and predictable, being because of essential contrasts in the manners in which people like to utilize their discernment and judgment. Understanding of personality type and mindfulness of the identity makeup of the organisation has also molded generally execution of a alter procedure, putting the accentuation on starting a program that would approach it within the right way. Especially those managing with thoughtful identities required to be mindful that they may be closing down a dialog without really hearing what their group considers. By understanding identity contrasts and improving their capacity to choose up on type-specific signals, managers can open channels of communication and dodge potential landmines.

Furthermore, they aid individuals to learn how to talk up and express themselves in ways that inspire positive reactions. Emotional Intelligence could be a way of recognizing, understanding, choosing how we think, feel, and act. It shapes our intuitive with others and our understanding of ourselves. It characterizes how and what we learn; it permits us to set needs; it decides the larger part of our everyday actions. Goleman’s theory of emotional intelligence state that four basic dimensions within his approach to emotional intelligence; Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, Empathy, social skill. Self-awareness is a capacity to recognize and understand individual temperaments and feelings and drives, as well as their impact on others. Self-awareness incorporate self-confidence, reasonable self-assessment, and a self-deprecating sense of humor. Self-awareness depend on one’s capacity to screen one’s claim feeling state and to accurately distinguish and title one’s feelings. Self-regulation is ability to control or divert troublesome impulses and temperaments, and the affinity to suspend judgment and to think before acting. It incorporates dependability and keenness; consolation with uncertainty; and openness to alter. Motivation is ability to orient ourselves towards our goals. Empathy is to understand the emotional make up of other people. Lastly, social skills is Capability in overseeing connections and building systems, and an capacity to discover common ground and construct affinity. In conclusion, I believe managers should possessed certain personality. In Belbin theory, it taught me how to define a team role as an inclination to carry on, contribute and interrelate with others especially” and named nine such group jobs that underlie group achievement. Based on the Belbin test that I took, it shows that I am action-oriented. Under the action-oriented, I’m more of Completer-finisher which are perfectionist and will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

By understanding identity contrasts and enhancing their capacity to get on compose particular signs, administrators can open the channels of correspondence and maintain a strategic distance from potential landmines. Also, they enable individuals to figure out how to talk up and communicate in manners that evoke positive reactions. In outline, the Myers-Briggs instrument has made a typical dialect that on a very basic level underlies all the previously mentioned changes. These enhancements are empowering Hall-stamp to work all the more strongly toward a brought together objective, and respond to the dynamic, and in some cases boisterous, substances of a worldwide economy and upset correspondence scene. Based on the personality that I took, it shows that I possessed ENFJ-T personality. The strength of ENFJ-T are that tolerant, reliable, charismatic, altruistic and natural leaders. The weakness of ENFJ-T are that overly idealistic, too selfless, too sensitive, fluctuating self-esteem and struggle to make tough decision. In summary, my personality allows me to overcome many challenging tasks. Yet, it be easily tripped up in areas where their optimism and enthusiasm are to a greater extent a risk than a benefit. Regardless of whether it is exploring relational clashes, going up against disagreeable certainties, seeking after self-acknowledgment, or finding a vocation way that adjusts well to my internal center, I may confront various difficulties that on occasion can even make me question who I truly are.

Lastly, David Goleman emotional intelligence test allows you to understand your personal and social competency. In order to become effective managers, emotional intelligence is the foundation of it. Understanding and care the feelings of the team member is crucial.


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