Analysis of the Homelessness and the Homeless Population


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Homelessness and mass media coverage often falls short in getting a good word out. Homeless people are reported as people on the street or live in shelters this are anonymous often used. But many people who work with these populations daily find the term offensive and misleading. Some people report that no one should be defined by their housing status. The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing stated, “We don’t walk around and call people the opulently housed, so I don’t think we should be calling people the homeless”. The efforts to increase the media awareness and sensitivity is a work in progress.

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The reporters should avoid stereotyping homeless people and give them respect with trying to address the problem that need to fix with the housing department. When doing research there are many definitions of homelessness but not everyone can be categorized. Reporters should shed a light on the people who are invisible, because the homeless and the youth are sometimes invisible to government agencies. The poverty rate continues to be a major contributor to the many families that wind up on the street and some are escaping violent situations at home. Many youths are among this rate of not having a place to go but thanks to most communities they have outreach centers that help youth to get a job and food with a place to sleep.

Reporter should talk about the racial disparity and how it exists. The 36 percent of the homeless population is black people, but they make up only 7 percent of the populations according to the San Francisco Homeless Count Report in 2015. The black population of people had a very hard time in the 20th century to accumulate wealth. Because the banking policies were racist and the zoning rules and workplace discrimination. “African Americans have a harder time paying for housing” . Learning the history and the welfare programs should be reported as well. While keeping a mind on the city criminalization policy because a lot of the time the population of homeless people stuffer from mental illness. The people should recognize stable housing is crucial to mental health. “According to the 2015 city report on homelessness, 35 percent of those living on the street suffer from psychiatric and emotional conditions”. Reporters have a job to point out the facts and make them available for the public. The fake news is not need on the case of the homelessness population reviewing and reporting doesn’t have to negative.

The demographics that were discussed were according to the HUD 2019 Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Program it reported that people in shelters without children are 149,708, 38,318 with one adult and one child, and 1,423 with only children. The age group ranges from ages 18 to 24 is 155,137 and people over 24 is 143,612 that are homeless. When breaking it down by ethnicity Hispanics/ Latino is 62,468, Non-Hispanic /Non-Latino is 216,859. The demographic gender summary is 123,672 are female, 154,629 are males, 851 are transgender, and 175 are gender non-conforming.

Demographic by race are 139,008 are black or African American, 112,884 are white, 2,924 are Asian, 6,211 are American Indian or Alaska Native, 2,875 are Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders, and 15,425 are multiple races. All the populations that are reported are people that suffer from some type of issue for example severely mentally ill, chronic substance abuse, veterans, HIV-AIDS, victims of domestic violence, unaccompanied youth under 18-24, parenting youth under 18-24 and children of parenting youth. All these factors come in to play when someone is living on the streets or in a homeless shelter. The numbers are increasing every year. The summary includes all states and territories, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. There are no limitations on how can be affect is not just based on one specific nationalities. The average age ranges from under 18-24 to over 18-24 that are among the homeless population. The significance of these element shows you that there is a great need for the homeless population to be help.

The article stated that California (Las Angeles) and New York have the highest homeless population. Homeless rate in California is 16.4percent grew between 2018-2019 by 21,306 people. People in that are not living in a shelter was 108,432. New York has 78,604 in the metropolitan areas. The article talks about all states and territories, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. Some states that have a higher population of people will have a higher homeless population in that area because there is a lack of jobs or affordable housing made available.

The homeless population ranges from age, gender, nationalities, location, health as well. After doing some research I found out that homeless can affect anyone because it based on your situation. These problems have been reported and the information is out there so people can start getting the help they need. What’s reported isn’t always the right information but doing more research to form your own opinion my be key. They numbers will continue to increase if the programs are not helping the people in need.

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