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Analysis Of The JarJar Binks Character From The Star Wars

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In the Star Wars franchise there are many different forms of multimedia that fans can access. There are books, comics, games, and movies. In all of these, we get to see a large variety of characters. Particularly, in the movies, the audience is introduced to several major characters, including JarJar Binks. He is a silly character who tends to get a lot of backlash from serious fans and social commentators alike. In spite of, and perhaps in small part because of his shortcomings, JarJar is an enjoyable character with a depth for which he is rarely given credit.

JarJar Binks is a Gungan who was outcast from his society and he lived on the planet Naboo. The trade federation cut Naboo off from the outside world and then invaded the planet. Eventually, Binks helped create an alliance between his people and Queen Amidala of Naboo. This alliance helped JarJar earn the respect of his fellow Gungans, and caused the Trade Federation to leave Naboo. Later, JarJar becomes a representative of the Gungans in the Galactic Senate. He works alongside Amidala after she becomes the senator of Naboo. JarJar steps in for Senator Amidala when she goes into hiding, and this is where he proposes that the Supreme Chancellor receives the power to establish an army in case of emergencies. This power was used by the Chancellor, who was secretly Darth Sidious, to transform the Republic into the Empire. Because of these events, Binks became an outcast on Naboo again. He even became a street performer to try and get by. JarJar Binks is a good mix of comic relief and significance, while also remaining relatable to many casual viewers. I certainly see some parallels between his goofy personality and my own. He lightens the mood when necessary and something about him is appealing to children. Maybe it is the fact that even though the character has been through quite a bit, he has not become jaded. He keeps his goofy personality throughout the movies and stays true to himself. JarJar is loyal and will do whatever he can to assist his companions. At one point, another character saves him and then JarJar believes that he owes him his life. He also helps Anakin when the time comes for him to race for his freedom. He is lighthearted and extremely caring. He does not tend to think highly of himself, but that is part of what makes him charming.

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Even though he has good intentions, many people dislike him because of how he practically single handedly paved the road towards the Republic falling. Some say that he has racist undertones, even though George Lucas has said that JarJar is not supposed to represent any people negatively. People should take the movies at face value instead of taking them so seriously. They are fictional works that are supposed to be for audiences of all ages. People are supposed to be able to enjoy them without getting overly upset by the politics or the other things that honestly should not matter. The Star Wars Universe comes to life in several forms of multimedia. Fans are introduced to a variety of characters in the movies alone. JarJar Binks is a character that is well known for being harshly ridiculed. JarJar’s imperfections are part of what makes him pleasurable and gives him a great sense of profundity.


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