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Analysis of the Mishandling Of Senior Adults

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Abuse of the older adults has been a serious issue over the years. The fact that as people grow older they become dependent makes it a key issue especially considering the fact that the other individuals who are expected to take care of their elderly parents or guardians also have families of their own which they are expected to take care of. Being dependent to others is a key issue, which results to the abuse of the older adults since they are considered burdens in the family. In mostcases, family members usually take their older adults and live them in nursing homes because they are unable to take care of them with the required quality focus on the existing issues. Being dependent especially of older adults is a very complex thing and in most cases results into a lot of stress from the engagement in this case(de Vette, Tabak, Dekker – van Weering, & Vollenbroek-Hutten, 2015).

Financial wellbeing is another key issue, which significantly influences the overall environment under which the older adults are engaged. Many family members only keep their older adults because they are financial stable and can help in the normal household expenses. In such an environment, it will be not easy to refer to them as being burden since they can afford quality stay by hiring a nursing care provider to take care of them. In situations where an individual grows older without any savings, it becomes difficult for them to have any say within their overall environment where they are expected to interact with their family members. Such families would prefer taking their older adults to nursing homes(Lindsay, Jackson, Schofield, & Olivier, 2012).

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The attitude towards the elderly from the care providers is another key issue, which results into abuse of adults. Attitude involves how individual are able to perceive the older citizens. The negative attitude in this case involves seeing the elderly as burden and unable to help in anything but just as a source of problems to the family. It is very difficult to have such as attitude and be able to engage the older citizens effectively. Some people do not care whether they are family or not. Therefore being in a position to effectively engage the older citizens who are dependent is primarily associated with how an individual is able to perceive the elderly in a more positive manner rather than focusing on the negative influence only(Sun, 2017).

Changes in social policy that may have influenced how human service professionals can support this population

The older adults have faced significant challenges regarding their overall wellbeing across the country. Most of these challenges are based on their daily wellbeing, healthcare and financial issues. Social policy has been effectively to create a better environment where it is important to ensure that they are effective engaged. The changes have been effectively developed to improve the overall wellbeing of the older adults in the society. The social policy has focused on healthcare and financial position of the elderly. The older adults have been engaged within the healthcare system where they are allowed to access quality care, which is significantly regulated. Older adults tend to have serious health issues and thus the focus on providing healthcare to the elderly has been strategically developed to create a better environment where it is much easier to ensure that the health of the older adults is guaranteed(Papa, Cornacchia, Sapio, & Nicolo, 2016).

The social policy has also put into consideration significant focus on the financial position of the older adults. Improving the financial position of the older adults has been significantly developed to provide a better environment where it is much easy to focus on key basic needs. This social change has been developed based on the understanding on the underlying fact that financial situation is a key issue why many older citizens are suffering. Therefore being in a position to develop a better understanding on the underlying issues within the engagement of the older citizens.

The older adults need significant focus in ensuring that there is better focus on their overall wellbeing. It will be crucial in determining the overall plan, which can be effectively developed to create a clear environment under which it will be easier to engage the older adult individuals. A key aspect to consider in developing a plan is to focus in the high dependency factor. This will ensure that the service plan that is adopted is based on effective elements within their lives. Therefore, the best service that would be best suited for the elderly who have experienced abuse from their providers would be to incorporate caregivers who will be responsible with ensuring the wellbeing of the older adults(X. Dong, 2012).

The responsibility of the caregiver in this case would be to monitor the situation of the older adults, detect any form of abuse, and present the case to the concerned authorities, which will be ableto ensure that the involved perpetrator is held accountable for their actions. Nursing care homes are put in place to improve the overall operational environment under which the elderly can be positively engaged. In this service plan, the caregivers would be able to recommend on whether a given older adult should be given nursing home services with a key focus on the hostility from family members(X. Q. Dong, 2015).

Health service program

Family caregiver support program would be the most appropriate program, which will create a better environment where it will be much easier to develop a crucial understanding on the overall wellbeing of the older adult who is being abused. The program focuses on protecting the elderly in the society and aims at improving the overall environment under which it will be much easier to have a clear focus on proper mechanisms, which will provide a better interactive environment. There is need to ensure that communities coordinate their services and provide a better focus on the wellbeing of the elderly.

Human service agencies

An important aspect to consider as human service agencies is to ensure that they develop a better plan where it will be much easy to engage the elderly. There are many older adults who are living a poor life mainly due to poor plans that have been put in place by the human service agencies, which are expected to play a key role in improving the overall focus on the older adults. Therefore improving the service will involve review of the policy and ensure that there is a policy in place, which protect the wellbeing of the elderly(Hipper, Orr, & Chernak, 2015).


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