Analysis of the Problems of Chamonix Ski Resort

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In order to encourage the positive outcomes of globalisation and to ensure business sustainability Chamonix ski have adopted the cross-cultural approach of business management and have recruited suitable talents from diverse cultural communicational backgrounds. Along with that they have implemented a strong professional working culture within their organisation. Combination of these two aspects proved highly successful in initial stage but with ongoing increase in cultural diversity in the workplace it is becoming a matter of concern to maintain the efficacy level of overall organisational performance. Such kind of inefficacy is negatively affecting their services user leading to deterioration of their organisational reputation and revenue as well. Hence in order to ensure the success of their upcoming project of developing specialised holiday experience for disable children and their families HR manger have investigated their current organisational practices.

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According to Hofsted th issues related to workplace cross cultural dimensional problem can be analysed through six dimension (Thomas and Peterson,2017). While two individual from different cultural and communicational background are working together then their personal decision might be clash to some extent from the perspective of following dimensions,

Power distance: high power distance introduces over bossy nature within an individual professionalism while low power distance encourage equal distribution of professional power and values.

Individualism vs. collectivism: individualism directs an individual to avoid responsibility of others actions while collectivism encourage the group work effectively where every employee stay loyal to each other and work in collective manner by sharing all the activities and their outcomes.

Masculinity vs. Femininity: money and personal achievements are considered as the key orientation of masculinity professionalism while inter-personal relationship and collaborative work quality are the focus is of feminine work culture.

Uncertainty avoidance: this index determines the openness of a working culture toward innovation and situational changes. Higher level of uncertainty avoidance index works as barrier for implementation of sustainable changes within an organisation.

Indulgence Vs resistance: higher degree of resistance makes the workplace culture more rigid and employee get less scope to share their views and ideas.

Normative versus pragmatic: Normative approach emphases on the personal values and right to greater extent while pragmatic approach make individual more modest in their professional practices.

Along with the above six dimension of cross cultural management of HRM strategy employee motivation is another factor that must be maintained effectively. Effective motivation make the employees apply to work as consequently their professional performance get enhanced to appreciable amount. Lack of motivating discourage individual to give their best to the organisation and they only work for their personal financial goal (Tjosvold, 2017).

On the basis of above parameter the issues of Chamonix ski have been analysed below:

-Ski instructor Eren have showed annoyance towards collectivism enriched working practice of event manager Lee. The response of Eren indicates that she belongs to such culture where degree of individualism is very high.

-On other hand Lee’s like to work with collective and feminine attitude as his cultural background encourage him to ensure professional performance by less rigid working practices but while discussing the project with Eren he did not considered the cultural difference between them and that why his effort had been criticised by Eren.

-Although the initial response facility manager Angelica showed good presence of collectivism but latter it reflect high degree of power distance. She tried to get adopted with the collectivism working culture of event manager lee but her cultural back ground make made her less pragmatic and hence she has been criticised by creative experience director Belle. Lack of cultural collaboration and ineffective communicational practices have made Belle and Angelica more egoistic and competitive that are untimely destroying their group performances (Hofstede et al. 2010).

-Among all other team members of special holiday experience project for disable children Finance manger seemed to be the rudest and highly unprofessional one. He tired to act as a highly professional and responsible employees but his working views have had been found to be based on typical nationalism that goes against the professionalism and against the organisational polices as well. From his response it is clear that he is against the ideas of Belle just because of the fact that she belongs to French community. Such kind of practices can’t be entertained any of professional culture.

Form the above analysis it is clear that the management of Chamonix ski have made good decision of encouraging the cultural diversity at their workplace but have not provides required significance toward making proper strategies for management of that diversity, as a result of which their holistic global business approach have proved successful (Pearson, 2017).


After analysing the result of Hr manager investigation in order to solve the cultural and communicational issues following recommendation can be made for Chamonix ski:

§They should more focus on their training and development of employee and their training session must include lessons on various aspects of collaborative working under cross cultural working environment (Mesman et al. 2016).

§It is good that the organisational structure of Chamonix ski is associated with low power distance index and all f their employees are free to work according to their personal cultural beliefs but in order to maintain the efficacy of their performance they should made their working culture rigid to some extent. At least they should make sure that all employees are following some basic rules likes respecting each other views, cultural, knowledge etc are proving equal effort to maintain harmony of organisational work culture. Their might be introduces some codes of practices regarding the limitation of their professional behavioural freedom.

§HRM of Chamonix ski should provide look after the behaviours of finance manager John and should make it ensure that any kind of racial discrimination is getting entertained within their organisation. Their working codes of practice should also review this matter (Bird and Mendenhall, 2016).


In conclusion it can be stated that that although cultural diversity have become one of the most appreciated success factor in the context of global business market but even a small amount of inefficacy in management of cross cultural working environment can harm the organisational performance to greater extent.

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