Analysis of "The Road to the Churchyard" by Thomas Mann

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Analysis Of “The Road to The Churchyard” By Thomas Mann

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This essay is going to interpret a single piece or collection of fictional literature through framing and formulating the work of fiction. The short story, The Way To The Churchyard shows several notable elements with having similarities and differences. At first, this essay elaborates the differences between two wagons. These wagons were representing symbols of two different characters. A single figure character, Praisegod Piepsam is entered with having a brief description. Due to the unfavorable situation of Piepsam’s life, he was not able to improve his morale. Another character is also present who was a careless cyclist, named Life. They had many differences and these all are mentioned in this essay. The thesis statement for “The way to the Churchyard” is concerned with the miserable human being Piepsam and the carefree cyclist, Life and their experiences such as cyclist met with the unconscious motionless man and Piepsam experienced with a careless young cyclist.

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Here, the character of Praisegod Piepsam is represented. He was going through several troubles and owned a singular behavior. He was so depressed, unhappy, and hardly treated. His inner soul was justifying and explaining his outward state. The reason behind his depression was his wife, had been taken from him before six months when she had untaken him with a child. Diphtheria was the reason for his child’s death. After that, he lost his job. His wife and child were snatched from him, he did not have any job, he did not hold any position, there was nothing to support him, he was stood along, that time he was broken down. He had found a job of clerk but he had been drunken and neglect the warnings of the corporation, then he had been discharged. Basically, he had lost his self-respect and he despises himself for his own happiness. These all things were happening due to the continual breakdown of his good intentions finished it away.

So, this essay emphasized two different views including Praisegod Piepsam’s life and the cyclist, Life. It is clear that destructiveness to our human dignity and self-respect, cannot harm getting a better understanding. It does not support the man to protest that he is not guilty. The same things happened with Piepsam. He was unhappy, depressed, and lonely choleric and he did not have any contact with his surroundings. Actually, he wanted his life another way but he was ignored. He had also tried to prevent his life from breaking down but he failed to express his desire in order to contribute to it.

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