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Analysis Of The School System In Turkey

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First of al, this study has been made in Turkey. The aim of the current study is to scrutinize the thoughts and experiences of primary school student teachers, who study at the Faculty of Education, Pamukkale University. Then, the purpose of the research article, “Philosophical Change in Education: A Desired Primary School Model of Primary School Student Teachers » was to investigate the school system they desired and their philosophical perceptions towards educational processes.

Methodology and Results

The researchers used a mixed method to conduct his study. A survey was used to carry out the study. Then, it was based on the sequential explanatory design/strategy. In other terms, the researchers designs a strategy to collect quantitative data and then he uses them in order to collect and analysis qualitative data based on what he previously found. For the qualitative analysis, the researcher focuses on perceptions and cases in order to present them in a realistic and holistic ways within their own environment. Concerning the quantitative research, the researcher tests his hypothesis with numeric values. Regarding the participants, 267 primary school student teachers were selected through a simple random sampling. As often in these school the number of female teachers are higher than male (189 vs 78). This group was used for the quantitative part. For the qualitative one, the researcher picked 9 student teachers among the 267. Open-ended questions were used for the qualitative study in order to catch feelings, thoughts and emotions while the educational thoughts and application inventory were used for the quantitative part.

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Through results of the surveys, the researcher concluded that student teachers have more popular education thoughts and applications. Furthermore with the time, they will move away from the traditional applications and views. Moreover, the male participants had more traditional philosophy of education than the female participants, and their tendency for popular educational thoughts and applications increase from 2nd grade to 4th grade.

Article Critique

After reading the research, I have concluded that the way the researchers collected the data was a strength because he used a mixed method. The researcher first used quantitative data in order to get qualitative data. Everything that he collected is actually linked and I think this is a strength in his research. He also used multiple sources to collect relevant data. Another strength is found in how the researcher formed their instrument to collect the data. I was amazed about the strategy he used to collect quantitative data. He used a method drew by Kumral (2014) which consists in separating different categories in order to create subcategories with a lot of items in each. Therefore, the analysis is really accurate. Another strength is the reliability and validity of the data he collected. The results of explanatory and confirmatory factor analyses were used with the EDU Inventory, which has internal consistency. Moreover In this study, the Cronbach’s alpha coefficients were computed again with the total score of the inventory and the scores of two subcategories. To be honest, I did not really understand this part, but it seems that the collection of data plus the analysis of the results were really precise and valid. The number of student teachers was also a strength to me in this study. I think he picked enough participants to have precise and valid results. I really like the fact that he sampled sophomore, junior and seniors student teachers because I think that according to your age and year of your Bachelor, your thoughts and opinions change. The last point, that I really appreciate was the way he collected the qualitative data. He came out with three major themes and investigated. It was really interesting to see how he conducted his study and mold the results.

One weakness to this study is that he only selected one school to draw his sampling. I have been several times in Turkey and I know that according to where you are from, the mentality is not the same. I think, it would have been interesting to select different schools from different locations within the country because I am not sure that these results are reliable toward the whole country.


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