Analysis of the Selected Exotic Flowers

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Exotic flowers can be found all over the world, and can be found in many different shapes and sizes. These flowers can all have different properties and characteristics, from flowers that transpire, or sweat, to flowers that can eat small insects. Most, if not all of these flowers have properties that make them unique from one another, and definitely something out of the ordinary when you compare it to the flowers you have planted in your garden.

Beginning with the first exotic flora, the Birds of Paradise, it is already obvious just how different the flower is when compared to other flowers. The flower gets its name from its distinct shape, which resemble a bird that is in flight. What is also obvious is the very bright color of the flower, which could range from a tangerine-like yellow, to a blaze-like orange. What is also noticeable about the flower is how bright and spiky it is, and how the leaves give off a waxy, glossy look. The flower can be located in South Africa, and can grow along river banks when exposed to the sun, but can also grow on margins in shaded forests.

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The next exotic flora, the Tiger Lily, is also a very unique looking flower. The flower pedals curl up and give the flower almost spherical in appearance. The large, fiery orange flowers are covered by dark spots and the appearance resembles that of a tiger’s coat. Although being native to China, Japan, and Korea, it has become naturalized in many places in eastern North America, and particularly in New England. As a result, it can be found growing in ditches around America, and it has been given the nickname “Ditch Lily”. Tiger Lily can grow in moist to wet soils and can grow well near or in ditches.

The final exotic flora, the Venus Fly Trap, is probably the most interesting and unique of all of the exotic flora that is out in the world. Its very odd design as well as its features make it unique and appear very alien-like when compared to other flora. The Venus Fly Trap is native to coastal bogs in North and South Carolina. The Venus Fly Trap tends to grow well in environments that are wet such as bogs and wet savannahs. The leaves of the Venus Fly Trap close when stimulated by prey or other objects, and when prey is caught the “mouth” forms a stomach-like enclosure that digests prey.

To conclude, exotic flora comes in many different shapes, sizes, and with many different characteristics. From flowers that simply look the part, to flowers that have very unique appearances, these properties are what make exotic flora so intriguing to look at and to study, because at a glance they may seem like an odd looking flower, but once you look closer and begin to study them, you realize these aren’t just any ordinary flower, and you begin to understand why these flowers are so important.

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