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Analysis Of The Story “Spirits Fly” by Andrew Hetherington

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“Spirits Fly” by Andrew Hetherington is a story of a flawless track that is almost overwhelmingly perfect. When a track is this great, it is incredibly hard to describe its power and skill in words alone. Something this fantastic can only truly be understood by listening to it with an appreciative ear.

What is immediately striking about this particular song is the quality of its instrumentation. Every instrument works together to create euphony on the track. The two key leaders in the instrumentation were the piano and the guitar. The piano playing on this track is elegant and graceful with a whimsical quality thrown in as well. The piano played a key role in the uplifting feeling that is ingrained in every second of this song. The second key leader is truly the guitar who brings a buttery quality to the piece creating a rich tone that is truly pleasing to listeners’ ears. Paired well with the piano, the two instruments create a smooth vessel to carry the harmonic vocals in.

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The angelic tone of the vocals brings a feeling of sacredness to the piece. Paired with the divine instrumentation of the track, it conveys a certain level of purity with it that is unmatched in the contemporary musical world. The track displays true vocal talent making it sound effortlessly created to listeners, but the truth of the matter is that the vocalists featured on this piece are truly talented at their craft. It takes a lot of talent to make something that can be terribly hard to create look so effortless. When the vocal duo reaches the chorus the vocals blend together to create a smooth vocal vacuum that sucks listeners up into its grasp and carries them up and down across the valley of the inspiring track.

Paired with the vocals, the lyrics not only tell a story, but it forewarns of the experience listeners are about to undergo. The instrumentation lifts the soul quickening your heart beat creating a flutter in your chest that, if you let it take you, makes your soul feel like its soaring much like the spirits sung about in this song. The original lyrics such as, “I can see for miles around. The sun casts shadows on the ground. Spirits fly on the wind like autumn leaves in a spin. Round and round and round they go. Where they go to no one knows,” depicts the same story their listeners are undertaking in this musical rapture.

Andrew Hetherington proves on this track that he is a budding contemporary artist and composer who’s talent shines as bright as the sun.


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