Analysis of the Victory Speech by Barack Obama

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On July 27, 2004, Barack Obama was presented formally to the nation when he conveyed the Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. Obama was unknown too many, but he had the interpretation of many people of being a young rising figure in the political party. Nobody envisioned how his seventeen-minute discourse would eventually launch Obama to be a potential presidential candidate in the 2008 election. The electrifying speech is to be named the speech that eventually made Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America.

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In 2004, Obama captured the mass attention of the people by the speech he gave. In his speech, Obama’s initial purpose was to rally his fellow aides John Kerry and John Edwards to support their campaign for president and vice-president positions. Roughly, over 9 million Americans that day watched Barack Obama somehow unfold his life story into a substantial American story that people could relate and understand. Obama’s enthusiastic speech motivated Americans to once again believe they could not only restore their confidence in their nation but also believe in change. His delivery was persuasive, passionate and was delivered in a preachy way that made people feel like they could see a New United America coming.

Obama made it important to highlight his heritage, life story, and his American Dream with the people, he wanted to make the people feel like he was also one of them, that no matter the background it was still the land of opportunity. He needed the people to understand that the message he was trying to deliver was relatable to not just the average American but to anybody living in America looking for opportunities. Obama also brought to the importance that unity and equality were key characteristics in creating a better America. That people can progress and evolve other than being divided in one nation.

Obama gained the peoples’ attention by contending the insurance of American employments and talking about improving human services, and education. It was effective because it made any American once again believe that the “American Dream” was still obtainable. Obama embraced common values and his utilization of the “American Dream Story” to integrate those qualities into an example in supporting radicalism. It was no doubt that his discourse stuck out too many. It was a moment that marked change in American history.

In the end, analysis Of The victory speech by Barack Obama showed Obama’s discourse was to exhibit America as a place where there are fresh new opportunities for any American no matter the race or color. The whole discourse was still tied together in a meaning that represented the average living American, and to also relating to Obama and his two fellow aides. Even though Obama’s Keynote Address was more so about a rally for the next presidential candidate there was no doubt that the evening of July 27, 2004, it was eventually to be the speech that made Barack Obama.  

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