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Some scientists predicted that in the near future, the world could be devastated by the flood from iceberg melting because of global warming. Natural resource has been continuously damaged by people. Many problems are emerging more every day such as deforestation, using fossil fuel. However, many experts have come up with a sustainability project for resolving these issues which is an alternative to using a new energy source. This has a positive effect on humankind and the environment. There are many governments around the world interesting in this project and spend some money on country development to be more sustainable. Tokyo, for example, is a mega metropolis and developed city which becomes a role model of a sustainable city. This city has the most density of population in the world which means that many activities are occurring and people are using a great amount of natural resource. It has many amazing systems for development. In this research term paper, I would like to focus on Tokyo’s environmental and illustrate the methods of how can they change the city to be better in sustainability.

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According to Gro Harlem Brundtland, chaired the Brundtland Commission, sustainability is a development which focuses on current generation need by do not push a negative consequence to interrupt the future generation. Moreover, sustainability used three pillars to follow which is economic, environmental, and social. The meaning of sustainability leads people more realize about today’s world situation. People had better adjust their life to be more environmentally friendly such as changing the car of using fossil fuel to be electric vehicles. First of all, Tokyo has a distinguished and prominent about an effective solid waste management. The government solves the trash issue by laying the separate bins around the city which help workers easily to dispose of the trash. According to Swapna Merlin (2018), in the year 1989, Tokyo produced trash 4.9 million tons, but in 2014, it was plunged to 2.7 million tons. This number of trash generation climbed down because of meticulous sorting garbage. To illustrate, Japanese citizens know how to reuse, reduce, and recycle the trash that enables people to produce it less. Furthermore, trash is separated into three types which are combustible, non-combustible, recyclable trash, and the residents have to dispose into the designated trash bag properly. This enables the city to change the waste thing to be a beneficial thing easier. In addition, Tokyo has a few trash bins in the public place because there are many bins spreading around the city and people also throw the trash improperly even the street side. Later on, the government pushes the “Broken Windows Theory” to control this problem. To clarify this, if a place has a trash, people will throw a trash. Likewise, if there is no trash can, people will not drop the trash no matter how. This method is a good rule to let people think about trash disposal before buying stuff. Otherwise, the trash will be laid down to all places that it is hard to manage later. Besides, the sorted trash is sent to a plant for separating again and some of them can incinerate to be the ash.

Tokyo has a made-area from trash in which is Odaiba. Odaiba has been land filled by trash’s ash after through many processes. It is a great method to deal with a mountain of trash, and it also advantageous to the city. To sum up, the great solid management of Tokyo shows that it cultivates tidiness to people and also brings the city to become more clean and livable. The next side is green space and blue area inside Tokyo. Based on recent research, the percentage of overall green space in Tokyo is 34.5%. The ratio between green space and economic area looks enough for people in Tokyo to spend their life happily. The residents in Tokyo can utilize a park inside the city to relax, do exercise, picnic with the family. Ueno park, for example, is an enormous green space that proper for everyone to rest. Inside the park, the government provides zoo, museum, temple, and diversity of trees to people. Moreover, this park is one prominent spot to see cherry blossom in spring that makes a great deal of money to country. In addition, Tokyo has the river in the central area of the city which is essential for people’s lives and economic. Sumida river is used for transportation, travel, and relaxation. Beside the river is well organized. People can do many activities there to get some rest. In the spring season, it also has numerous elegantly cherry blossom trees that people can catch a boat and fulfill their happiness. Both Ueno park and Sumida river are a well-known place for citizen and traveler that it is arranged neatly. Furthermore, there is hidden underground flooding treat to reserve water under the ground by do not construct a dam and waste money for expropriation. According to (2017), the water tunnels are made 50 meters below the ground for water tackling. It has high tanks to accumulate water and deal with the flood, and it also installs a massive pump to discharge 200 tons of water in a second. This is intelligently to cope with the flood by using an unnecessary underground area for making water tackling construction in the economic area. Overall, the government can manage many areas systemically to bring people to the places and traveler all over the world come to travel that it also makes a plenty of profit.

The third remarkable sustainable development is the transportation system. The dense of train network covers almost Tokyo’s area which it seems like a spider web. To start with a bus, Toei bus is the main route that runs around the central area of the city. Everyone in the city can ride the bus comfortably. Disabled people, injured people, elder, pregnant women can use the bus safely because it is provided a priority seat to them. Moreover, taxi in Tokyo is also a big system because there are around 35,000 taxis in the city. It is composed of three types: large taxi, medium taxi, and small taxi. According to Tokyo Weekender (2018), taxi fare in the first about 1 kilometer is the range from ¥380 to ¥410. It is increased ¥80-90 for every additional 300-400 meters. The passenger can reserve the taxi as an alternative. People can go to a taxi stand, taxi stop or order through the application such as Line Taxi, Uber (Bjorn, 2018). This means that travel by taxi is quite very easy and convenient, but it is costly. Furthermore, the easiest way to travel in the daily life of Japanese is by train. Tokyo train system has been developed for many decades. Shinkansen, for example, is the pride invention for Japanese which it runs between big city and other big city. It is a bullet train which its speed can reach around 240-320 km/h. Japan Today (2015) reported that no one has been killed by the Shinkansen accident even earthquake or typhoon since it was first launched about 50 years ago. It appears that it was very safe for everyone for using it.

In the central area of the city, there are dense of train run to innumerable places. Yamanote Line is the outstanding station which is placed in circle to run around six major districts: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Shibuya, Ueno, Shinagawa, Ikebukuro. This shows that the government has a good vision to reduce the number of cars on the road and alleviate air pollution by support many train companies to invest in the train system.

To conclude, the great and various transportation systems can persuade the citizens to use the public system instead of their private car which decline the amount of fossil fuel use. Tokyo is a great well-prepared city that always tries to invent many things to lead the city more sustainable. Solid waste management, green and blue area, and public transportation are made the citizens firmly convinced that the government provided a beneficial thing to them. I have learned many things from this research that many countries should take the method to do. Sustainability is the responsibility not only government but also everyone in the world. If we can open-mind to change the old-fashioned life, we will have the feeling happy and peaceful world.

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