Analysis of Views Supporting Balko and Zinczenko in the Prohibition of Fast Food

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Should Fast/Industrialized Food Be Banned?

Have you ever wondered how dangerous life could be? You could go on with your day and then instantly get hit by a car and your life would be gone within seconds. There are so many ways that someone could die and few people realize that the most essential thing for the human body could kill you. That essential thing that we need daily is food. Yes, food can kill you, but only certain types like processed or industrialized food. These foods do so much harm to your body that it could lead to obesity, diabetes, and cancer. There needs to be an end to processed food and the following are my reasons:

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Have you ever looked on the back of a box or a bottle to see the ingredients and find words that are so peculiar and can never pronounce them correctly? These strange words are what we call additives. Additives are put into foods to enhance the color, flavor, texture, and help an items shelf life last longer. These chemicals are a danger for our body, yet most of the public don’t even question about them. Zinczenko says “There are no calorie information charts on fast- food packaging, the way there are on grocery items.” (463) as I said earlier, it’s a danger for us all to consume such foods and not know what is in them. For example, tons of processed food have some type of corn syrup, whether it’s high fructose or refined corn syrup. Once this corn syrup enters yours body it makes your body want to consume more calories and it will then store unwanted fat inside of you. Another chemical that is mainly in bread is azodicarbonamide, a chemical that makes your bread doughy and whiter, is also in yoga mats and shoe soles. Would you really want to eat something as repulsive as that?

As I stated in the last argument, we should try every way to avoid such foods. There is no nutritional value in these foods so why consume them? Radley Balko states “You’re well-being, shape, and condition have increasingly been deemed matters of “public health”, instead of matters of personal responsibilities.” (467) What he is implying is that you get to decide on what you put into your body, and we shouldn’t have to rely on someone else to tell us otherwise. Let’s say that someone is trying to lose weight. Their diet must consist on protein, complex carbs, and no additive sugars. They could eat as much as they want, but not stuff their faces to the point where they are bloating. Even if they were to have fast-food occasionally, your body would be very confused and have stomach pains from the meal. Do people expect for these joints to have grass fed meats, high quality vegetables, and healthy salads? All the food is made from the scraps of animals and then churned together to have the famous meats of the fast-food industry. Which is why the prices being are very low. Low prices, low quality food, and crazy chemicals added into those meals, I’m positive that everyone is going to be thrilled.

In conclusion these two authors, Balko and Zinczenko, have helped me see my reasoning for banning fast food completely. Not being able to see any nutritional facts on the meals makes me very skeptical and questioning on what is really in there. Also, for my second reason, you shouldn’t listen to what health regimens say about the quantity of the food that you’re allowed to consume. Therefore, the banning of fast-food/ industrialized food should be removed permanently.

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