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Motivated and eager to know the different leadership styles, I took up Masters in Public Administration and enrolled in Supervision, Control and Leadership subject. One of the requirements in the subject is to watch videos from YouTube regarding Supervision, Control and Leadership and chose at least five that appeals to me, evaluate all of them and submit on what leadership style I would practice. This videos have contributed for me to decided what leadership style I am going to practice:

  1. ‘What is Leadership’ by David Marquit is about giving an intent instead of giving orders and instructions. It’s more on letting your people think, find solutions and resolve the problem on their own. By doing so, more people are now thinking and creating an environment wherein everyone takes ownership and shares responsibility in achieving the goal of the team in making them successful. Furthermore, it duplicates a leader and multiples because you train them to be one. This helped me a lot in discerning the strategy that I am going to use when I am already a Leader of my organization. But on the other hand, I think by doing this, some of the people in the team might think that I do not know what I AM doing and that I am always passing responsibilities. This is the reason why I should also be very careful in giving my team an intent.
  2. Leadership Skills Development for The First-Time Managers. Here we are being thought on how new managers effectively work with their team and how to ensure a new manager’s success from the start. It is all based from the actual experienced of two new managers named Becky Hall Director, Nursing Rumford Hospital and Rafael Chou VP, Development Samson Rope Technologies. According to them, to alleviate resentment, you have to address the issue up-front and settle it right away. In addition, in building trust in your team you have to lead by example, collaborate, do an open and honest conversation. It is important that that your team trust you because it is the foundation of every relationship. If your team trusts you, they will support you in achieving the goal of the team. What I liked about this video is that the information came from actual experience of new managers not from theories or any school of thoughts. Which means that actual and first-hand solutions to the problem and concerns in the organization are being cited making it more realistic. Moreover, if I became a leader, I would still help them making them feel that I am one of them and that I will always be there for them to help and assist them. Thru that simple act, I would be able to gain their respect and trust.
  3. How to be a Great Leader – The 7 Great Leadership Traits. A good leader radiates positive energy. This is the passion and the will to succeed and boost the team morale resulting to productivity. Proactive attitude means when something goes wrong, a leader did not blame somebody but focus more on how to solve the problem. Its more on ensuring that before the end of the day, the problem was resolved and learn from that mistakes to prevent the same thing to happen. A leader should delegate tasks completely because as a leader, you can’t do everything by yourselves so we have to focused on more difficult tasks and delegate the rest to others and trust them to get the job done. By doing so, you’re making them feel that you trust them. Thru delegating, you also give your team a chance to think and develop a new leader. Being approachable is encouraging feedback from all members of the organization. Meaning you are getting the ideas, opinion and grievances of your team, because of this you would be able to know more about your team and solve the problem in the fast and best way that you can. Walk the talk, they do what they expect of others. It’s more of setting an example to your team and as a result, you gain the respect of your entire team. Taking full responsibility of the entire team that’s being accountable. It is important that your team know that you will never leave them especially during problems encountered. You have to let them know that even though I am not the one did the mistakes but as a leader I am taking full responsibility of the actions of my team. By doing so, you will gain the trust of your team. Decisiveness as a leader means isn’t always making the right decision, but it’s to make a decision in order to keep the team together because wrong decisions can be fixed but a scattered team is a recipe for disaster. Keeping the team together is a difficult tasks knowing that they have different wants, like, longing etc. This is the reason why as a leader you have to gain their respect. Gaining respect is not being imposed or asked, it is being given to person whom they know can be respected. If you gain the respect of your team, you will have more chances of keeping your team together. As a future leader, I will always bear in mind and do all these traits so that I would be able to perform my duties and task properly.
  4. The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell. Level number one is Position. Meaning you are being followed by your team because they have to. In this level you will get the least of your team’s energy and effort. Permission level on the other hand, people follow you because they want to. Meaning you connect to them, people follow you not because you are the supervisor but because they like you. Leader in this level listen well, observe and learn. The production level is you become an effective leader because you produce. Leadership begins to gain credibility because you are flashing out from the people around you things that they want to see. The fourth level is People Development. The key of developing leaders/good people is in the recruitment because they are the one who recruit and develop the employee. So as a leader, you have to be in constant coordination with your HRD to ensure that the people that they hire are the people that you want your organization to have. Moreover, the trainings and program they conduct are in accordance with the needed development of your people. The last level is the Pinnicle level, people follow you because they respect you, they follow you because of what you have done. It is always on going learning and growing process. In this level, you try to develop new leaders and try to duplicate yourself to your personnel. As a leader, I aim to achieve level number five wherein I can develop new leaders out of my personnel. Respect the people around me so that I would be able to gain also their respect. Motivate them to achieve the goal of the team in order to produce what the team are expected to produce.
  5. ‘Supervision’ by Ian Harris is a relationship of rapport and trust in which the supervisor assists the supervisee to reflect on their practice in order to:
  6. a. Develop their capabilities to enhance their effectiveness when working with clients and service users. Knowing what the employee’s strength and weakness can be of great help in developing their capabilities. We would be able to give them the right trainings to enhance their skills and be a better version of themselves. This will create self fulfillment and self-worth among the employees in the organization;

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    b. Process their emotional responses to their work with clients and service users. A supervisor should be well trained and experienced to do this because you will be dealing with different kinds of emotions of employees. We have to ensure that the emotions are contained and processed specifically anger to prevent conflicts and problem. If you were able to process their emotions, a more refined behavior will come out and be seen.

Knowing and understanding your functions as a supervisor means getting your work done with ease. This is the reason why it is imperative to know it and equip yourself with skills needed for a supervisor. The first function of a supervisor is development. We have to develop the skills, understand their strength through reflection on their practice. It’s more on observing the actions of your people and from there you would already know what they good at. From there, you will start to focus on their strength and enforce it through trainings. Second is maintenance, this is more on helping supervisee to become aware of and deal with their reactions to the emotional intensity of their work with clients. It is more of keeping your team on the standards being set by the organization and do some fine tuning to those deviating from it to ensure compliance with the standards. Third is monitoring, this is providing quality control for the work of the supervisee and ensuring work is appropriately ethical. This is ensuring that everyone in the team are doing their part in achieving its goal. This is where mentoring is needed because as a leader you have to update the team as to where we are in terms of achieving the goal. Eloquent of these things may be of great help to us as a future administrator.

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