Analyze E-market Components and Participants

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Analyze E-market components and participants such as customer, sellers, product and services, infrastructure, front end, back end and intermediaries E-market components and participants are given below:

Customer: Customer plays an important role in E business because without customer cannot survive in the market. Trade me is very concerned about their customer, with the participation of customer trade me online site is growing rapidly. Trade me is an online website where customers who create demand for goods and services. Business on the trade me often compete through advertisement in order to attract the customer like selling product on reasonable prices.

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Seller: Trade me allow consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet using a web browser. Trade me company give the opportunity to the seller sell product over the trade me website because company want to sustain a position in the market.

Products and services: Service is one of the major aspect of the online shopping because the majority of the customers impressed by the service like on time delivery. Trade me company first priority is customer satisfaction as well as company gives the best offers in order to attract the customers with their services. Trade me company selling huge variety of product and services to the end user on reasonable prices.

Infrastructure: Trade me is one of the largest online website. Company network is a mix of F5 and Cisco, handling oodles of traffic and connections. Company also have run distribution database architecture, allowing us to share the massive amount of transactions over numerous server and databases instances.

Front end: Trade me customer interact with marketplace via a frontend. In the front end company have sellers portal, electronic catalogs, a shopping cart and so on where customers can choose the products trade me taking order via a front end.

Back end: When trade me company taking the order over the internet and the further process related to the back end like purchasing the product from supplier and deliver to the customer. In the back end they are doing accounting and finance, insurance, payment processing as well as packaging.

Intermediaries: Intermediaries means a firm or person who act as a mediator in a link between parties to business, business deal, investment decision, negotiation and so on.

Analyze customer interaction mechanism including storefronts and malls.

In the trade me company several kinds of interactions exist among sellers, buyers, and e-marketplaces. The major B2C mechanisms are storefronts and malls. Storefronts refers to trade me website where products and services are sold. Trade me company storefonts may target an industry, a location, or a niche market. The most common tools of the trade me company are an electronic catalog; a search engine that helps the consumer find products in the catalog; an electronic shopping cart for holding items until checkout; e-auction facilities where auctions take place; a payment gateway where payment arrangements can be made; a shipment centre where shipping arrangements are made; and customer services, which include product and warranty information and CRM.

Electronic Malls In addition to shopping at individual web stores, consumers can shop in electronic malls (e-malls). Similar to malls in the physical world, an e-mall (online mall) is an online shopping location where many stores present their catalogs. The mall charges commission from the sellers based on their sale volume.

Analyze the different types of portals including corporate portals, publishing portals, personal portals, mobile portals, voice portals and knowledge portals.

Corporate portals: The main role of the corporate portal is helping in the development of new ideas and opportunities within large or established business and its directly leading to the improvement of the trade me company profitability and enhancement of competitive position or the strategic renewal of position.

Publishing portals. Trade me main vision is to add more features in order to add more customer with them so company publish templates with discounts on their selling site and sell their product with various offer on cheaper rates.

Personnel portals: Trade me has personal portal where company shared all the information related to the company. They are used for personally work like share the information within an organisation.

Mobile portals: Mobile portals are portals that are accessible from mobile devices. Trade me company also have a mobile app where customer can buy or sell product just a single touch on the phone.

Voice portals. Voice portals are websites, usually portals, with audio interfaces like trade me have a customer helpline number where can contact anytime and anywhere. This number is available 24 hours in order to solve the problem of the customer and giving the information about the product.

Knowledge portals. Knowledge portals enable easy access to knowledge by company employees and facilitate collaboration.

Analyze role of e-auction including benefits and limitations.

Trade Me is the largest e auction website operating in New Zealand managed by Trade Me Ltd., the site was founded in 1999 by New Zealand entrepreneur Sam Morgan, who sold it to Fairfax in 2006 for NZ$700 million. Trade Me shares many features with other online auction websites, such as eBay. Some of these features include “Buy Now” and “Auto bidding.

Benefits of E- auction

Convenience: E auction is the convenient for the bidder because they can participate from anywhere and at any given time. Auctioneers are not needed to run the auction.

Time Saving and saving money: Through the online auction its save the time and money for both parties like buyers and sellers as well as no need travel to participate in the auction.

24/7 Availability: E auction provides the information 24 hours and seven days a week that is very comfortable service for the busiest people and also compare the prices with other sites.


Bidders cannot participate in the auction and they cannot feel the real of bid of E- auction, Even though they do not see the product.

Now a day’s bidder prefer offline auction instead of online because the commission margin is less as compared to the online auction.

Sometimes bidder win the bid after winning the bid they receive the late very late because company take too much deliver the product.

Evaluate various types of information systems available to the management in organization

Trade me company use information system to collect the data from various resources and process it according to the need of the business. Though the information trade me will operate business more efficiently and also interact with customers and partners, curtail costs and generate revenues. There are various types of information system in the management are given below:

Transaction Processing Systems: Through the transaction processing system trade me collects the data from user inputs and then generate outputs based on the data collected. An example of trade me transaction processing system like customer visit on company website in order to buy something, customer select a product and then system generates a bill and create a confirmation copy of the product regarding deliver the product to the customer. TPS information can be based on real time or batch processing and can help trade me company meet demand without acquiring additional personnel.

Customer Relationship Management System: Trade me company use customer relationship systems to synchronize sales and marketing efforts and also track the customer activities including purchasing trends, product defects and customer enquiries. Customer Relationship management information system allow customers to interact with trade me companies for service or product feedback and problem resolutions.

Business Intelligence System: Through the Business Intelligence system Trade me company extract and analyse data for various operational needs, particularly for decision making purposes. It is also provide analyses that predict future sales patterns as well as summarize current costs and forecast sales revenue.

Knowledge Management Systems: Through this system trade me company organize and dissect knowledge and then redistribute or share it with individuals of an organisation. These information is to bring innovation, improve performance and retain knowledge within an trade me organisation. KMS also help the trade me company maintain consistency and enable speedy responses to customer and partner inquiries.

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