Analyzing Patricia Cardoso's Movie Real Women Have Curves

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The title of the movie Real Women Have Curves has a double meaning. Not only does it refer to body shape, but it also refer to the person who has the guts to do something and always is able to reach her goal. The director of this movie is Patricia Cardoso, who launched this funny and dramatic film. Basically, this movie is about the battle between a woman's desire to better her life through education and the traditional expectations of her family. Ana is the character throughout the movie, who has the ability to do something and show people her talent. She grows up through movie, which prove she is round character.

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This movie is about a Mexican family. The family tradition in the movie is about late 70's or 80's. in the movie there are parents, their two daughters, two of their cousins and a grandfather. Ana is the main character in the film. And is the younger daughter and Estella is the elder daughter. Carmen is Ana's mother, who is old-fashioned, dramatic and traditional. Ana's father and her other two cousins do gardening to people's homes. Estella and her mother work at their sewing factory. Estella takes orders for dresses from a big company. Ana's mother is always critical of her. She always tells her that, "She is fat. She should lose some weight." Carmen gives her Estella's example. She says, " Look at your sister. She is also the same like you, a fatty. That's why she is not married yet."

Ana has an outspoken personality. She is modern. Her thinking is different than her mother's old traditional thinking. She is on her last year of high school. When her teacher asks everyone in the class what that are going to do after graduation, she does not have an answer to give them because of her family problems. Her mother wants her to join Estella's company after high school. Carmen thinks working together will keep the family together. Ana wants to study more and become good writer. Ana is symbol of better daughter. Her family is traditional Mexican and values were different in her American culture. This difference is main reason why Ana could not able to prove she is good daughter.

Later on. Ana's mother forces her to join the company. So, she is not able to fill out a college application. When two of Estella's employees leave the company and she gets in trouble, Ana helps her lot. Estella needs to pay rent for her warehouse. She does not have money and she needs to meet the deadline for her order too. Ana helps her by borrowing money from her father for rent. Also, Ana helps to finish the order on time. After they are done with the order she returns her father's money. These thing shows Ana is a responsible girl and a very soft hearted person who helps her sister when the time comes.

Meanwhile she thinks about going back to school and filling out a college application. She goes to her school and gives her teacher the application for college. He tells her that she needs to write essay to send in that application. There she meets one of her classmates. He gives Ana his phone number and tells her, "we should hang out sometimes." Later, he becomes Ana's boyfriend. He tells Ana he does not care how she looks. He just likes the way she is and her nature. Ana knows from the beginning that he is going to leave her one day since he is attending college, but won't be going. They make the decision to have sex with each other to make a memory before he leaves. Ana is a modern girl, and she feels more relaxed after.

Even though she works at her sister's company, she still wants to go college. She tells her father, "I got accepted in Columbia University in New York. Which is one of the best college. Also I will get fall scholarship for my education." She tells him she is getting good chance, so why let it go. Ana knows the importance of education in life. By convincing her father, she proves that she is successful in explaining to him the importance of education. Ana's father comes home and tells everyone that she is leaving for college. Her mother disagrees with her. It does not matter to her father. The next day she leaves for college.

Ana is round character. She is a real woman who is intelligent, who fights in her life to reach her goal. She has lots of problems in her family, but she faces all of them and reaches for what she wants. She thinks woman should be respected, not by the way they look, but for what they are on the inside. She reflected a strong personality.

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