Analyzing the Use of Unethical Marketing Campaigns: The BetTy Slogan Exemplification


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Case Questions Wheat Flakes

Implied superiority refers to the action of showing superiority indirectly to a certain product when compared with other brands. Betty faced several ethical dilemmas in regards to this mechanism. First of all, the slogan claimed that no other brand was like this, however many were almost identical. Lying to the consumer is certainly not the route any business should take. Consumers like honesty, which will create loyalty to the company. This brand is nowhere near as healthy as claimed to be. Consumers are misleaded everyday by companies using these same strategies. Betty, unlike many peers in similar positions, felt uneasy about fabrication. She has morals that she feels obliged to. She understood that thus claims were far from the factual and that did not sit well with her. Even those these techniques are extremely popular, that does not justify the wrongness within.

Betty understands that relationships and consumer trends are extremely important. Consumers are concerned with prices sometimes more than quality. However, many cannot even distinguish between generic and name brands. If consumers discovered they were paying more for the same quality as generic, they would not be amused. This creates conflicts and bad reviews. Betty realizes that organizational relationships are essential in any business, because they link others together. She stands for the truth, because without it, a business can easily crumble.

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Betty has two main alternative routes in front of her. She can agree to this dishonest slogan or she can out rule it with something else honest. If she chooses to just air the campaign, she will deal with all the ethical problems as before. She would feel fake, and fear losing loyal customers. There are many ways in which this could turn bad. The company could be sued for misleading information. Betty would face numerous ethical dilemmas in the scheme of things. It is quite possible that the entire company could fail. On the other hand, if she chooses a more truthful approach, the company could lose sales. She may not face as many ethical problems with this choice, but the business will suffer tremendously. Most of these food companies produce crappy food with no nutritional value what so ever. This information will change the views of several consumers. Most likely, those who previously thought this company produced quality and nutritional products. Betty could easily make a slogan that wasn’t so exaggerated but also not demeaning to the company. Finding a happy-medium would be to her utmost advantage given the situation at hand. Many factors key into these decisions, and one cannot simply assume they would choose the most rightful choice. Betty has a conscious, which is somewhat rare in this field. For example, cigarette companies will sell you toxins that directly lead to cancer, but do not feel guilt of any kind. Most companies are fixated on increasing finances and not the well-being of those purchasing these products. People like Betty are rare but very powerful and honest.

I would recommend that she meet somewhere in the middle. I mean she can create a slogan that talks about some aspect of nutrition. I feel that if she chooses the unethical alternative, she will only face several problems ahead of her. At first it may be beneficial to the company, but later on problems will surface. Problems that would not occur if the truth was given directly. Consumers value honesty, once they gain trust, they will be loyal to the company. This is a primary goal, along with generating new clientele of coarse. I feel that many customers would overlook some of these unfavorable qualities of the brand, if Betty was honest. Also, many people will be unchanged due to the fact that nutrition is not an element of concern to them.

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