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Destructive Creations and 1C Company launched a curious action, strategy and stealth video game called Ancestors Legacy last year . With accessible mechanics and a good atmosphere, he invited us to fight as Vikings and Anglo-Saxons in a playable proposal that little or nothing had to envy to the great exponents of the genre, such as Company of Heroes . Those responsible now transfer their idea to consoles with a more than acceptable conversion that allows us to enjoy the medieval turmoil on systems such as Xbox One and PS4.

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Ancestors Legacy departs from the massive and colossal strategy of Total War in its classic variant, eliminating large hosts and complex battle movements, and betting on more condensed and easy-to-handle combats. This does not mean that we do not have fights with hundreds of characters on the screen, but that everything will be much faster, dirty and direct . After all, we are in the Middle Ages , and the Vikings and their looting are the main protagonists. In Ancestors Legacy we have four distinct armies, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs, each with its own campaign or history and its own strategic variants and special units in combat.

For example, the Anglo-Saxons have large infantry units and powerful archers, while the Germans enjoy good armor and heavy cavalry, with the Slavs being the fastest manufacturing and summoning units on the battlefield. The Vikings, meanwhile, are the ones with the most versatile infantry units in combat. Each campaign is made up of about five chapters that will look for different scenarios and tactical variants so that the player must always adapt quickly, making the most of the army he is currently controlling.

We must bear in mind that this real-time strategy title drinks from the great classics of the genre, with a very simple management, which tries to avoid the vices and inheritances of the current representatives and bet to return to the origins. What do we mean by this? Well, Destructive Creations has wanted to dispense with the superfluous, focusing on the ideas of resource collection and construction of simpler buildings . The core of Ancestors Legacy is combat, everything is based on the ability of each player to react when the swords clash , so they have decided that it is best to motivate battles between factions and groups.

After a very intense tutorial – in which we embody a group of Vikings who take a rival village by fire and blood -, we will learn to handle the troops, to give them basic and complex orders and to understand the mechanics so concrete and defined that the title also on console. Do not worry if you observe too many visual stimuli in the interface or a good number of indicators that seems to be meaningless: Ancestors Legacy explains very well to the player, that in less than fifteen or twenty minutes he will already know what to do in almost any situation Present you ahead.

A very important facet in Ancestors Legacy is the one related to the change of attack and defense position . Managing the role of our troops in the video game is vital, since in a second, we can see how the situation turns in favor or against, changing the role we must play on the ground. With a single button touch, we can grant each unit or troop a defined role in combat, inviting it to attack – with its extra bonus in the fight – or defend – with a greater degree of protection. This is especially useful when we are left unprotected in our settlement.or when we need to defend a remote position at all costs and we have to wait until reinforcements reach the area. If things get complicated, and we see that our options are reduced, we can always fight in retreat and gain time while our soldiers run to a safe position at full speed.

The fighting is very lively, different and spectacular. Its leaders do not want us to be condemned to an excessive repetition of skirmishes and struggles without too much sense, and in Ancestors Legacy we will find a kind of very marked narrative line, which will tell us specific historical facts and that will provide context to the game , giving framework to the game. Fights and battles. In them, one way or another, stealth will come into value , as well as the usual scope of vision of our troops – the usual fog of war, but with a small twist to the Metal Gear Solid-. In this way, we can ambush hiding among the vegetation, attacking from the top of a cliff or even waiting at the right time to steal food and animals and set fire to that village that stands in our way.

As you can imagine, especially considering that we talk about a video game in three dimensions quite detailed, in Ancestors Legacy the terrain and its morphology becomes very important . Beyond concealment, if there is high ground or if we find routes to take the flanks we can be destructive in combat. This generates very realistic situations, such as groups of soldiers who engage in hard struggles, while other groups seek advantageous positions to attack by surprise or make a trap., like a pit with spikes, which seeks to attract rivals to a hidden and painful death. And believe us, in a title in which the duality of attack and defense is so well defined, and in which we find many variants of troops, we find it very necessary to understand this dynamic in the face of victory.

The seniority in Ancestors Legacy is a plus. The units and heroes who are the doudest in combat, those who have survived a thousand and one battles and are willing to make war, will be able to level up and improve their characteristics . This will give us special actions, bonuses and improvements in specific units, such as more specific orders. Each unit and group treasures its own experience, a good thing to take care of, since if they die they will go to the badge and we will have to start again with a group of recruits without experience in the fight. Here comes the cure or repair of units, an idea that Destructive Creations has included without much noise in the game, and that allows us to heal our soldiersso that they endure more in the fight. It has a small but annoying penalty, and while they are being cured, this group can do absolutely nothing in combat.

As in titles such as Fire Emblem , in Ancestors Legacy there is a kind of system of advantage and disadvantage of units. For example, we have to take into account that the troops armed with axes, shields or spears are advantageous or weak depending on what type of soldiers we have in front of them, they cancel each other out, so for all that has been said, we must take into account the intrinsic nature of each type of troop. For example, the cavalry frightens and creates gaps in almost all types of soldiers, but they are very weak against the spearmen, especially in a defensive position. Believe us, even if you don’t have to manage much and the battles are resolved in seconds or have few members in sight in other strategy sagas, the tactic in this title is deeper than it seems.

Beyond the campaign, the game presents a good number of skirmishes for a player , in which we will have the possibility to choose the starting values, the difficulty, the army or the map, as well as the climatic conditions, all with the idea of ​​granting maximum freedom to the user in his departure. Along with this mode, the title includes a multiplayer mode with which we can compete against our rivals through the internet, with two variants called domination or annihilation, which will vary in their objectives by changing the control of posts and camps in the first and inviting us to the total destruction of the rivals in the second.

Destructive Creations has done a good job on consoles. These types of games always have a catch, and the translation of the mouse and keyboard for systems that are controlled with a wireless controller is not always the best, although Ancestors Legacy behaves especially well. The control scheme has seemed comfortable, thought and sometimes intelligent . It is not a gross or meaningless adaptation. With a simple button, we can select all the units that we have on the screen, move from one key unit to another with the upper buttons or even check the available actions with the joystick and a very well turned swivel wheel. However, when combat comes upon us, it is when we observe some shortcomings, as a simpler order cancellation system. In any case, taking into account the history of real-time strategy videogames and their failures in adaptations in desktop systems, we believe that this game exceeds the ballot quite well.

More shadows than lights are found in the graphic section. Designed based on the Unreal Engine 4 , Ancestors Legacy looked great on PC, with a good artistic direction, very worked modeling and detailed scenarios. In fact, one of its main advantages was the way in which the advance of the war was shown in the fighting, with units full of blood, mutilations, burning settlements and chaos everywhere in each battle. The bulk of this presentation has been moved to consoles, but not to the level that current machines deserve.

The title looks remarkably inferior in terms of modeling , which seems to have come from the previous generation, as well as in textures, somewhat poor and basic when they leave the shelter of night and rain and are shown to us in broad daylight. In any case, if we do not zoom too much and focus on the general evolution of events in the war, we could say that we are facing an enjoyable audiovisual title, especially when fire, viscera and smoke are made with the protagonism of the situation. Ancestors Legacy is translated but not dubbed into Spanish.

Ancestors Legacy is not going to go down in history as the best real-time strategy game, nor is it intended. The creators of the controversial Hatred have decided to give us a stark and direct vision of the Middle Ages, with a direct and bloody combat system, a good number of tactical variants and a set of very different factions and armies in combat. If on PC it showed an accessible and fast game style, the same sensations are replicated on consoles, with a very good adaptation in terms of control and interface, although not so much in technical and graphic terms. With a lot of content and an interesting starting point, especially if you are big fans of medieval history, Ancestors Legacy is a recommended game for that redoubt of ungovernable real-time strategy fans who still remain irreducible on systems like PlayStation or Xbox.

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