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Ancient Female Rulers Of China And Egypt

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For the topic chosen, I will be comparing the ancient female rulers who reigned in China and Egypt. I will be comparing Tang Empress Wu Zetian and Pharaoh Cleopatra. Zetian ruled for about half a century and her kingdom was established in 655. Cleopatra’s kingdom was established in the year 51 BC. The reason for my choice is because most of the leaders in the past were only men. It is a great achievement that those women were able to rule their respective kingdoms. The female leaders in the two countries left legacies which will remain in the minds of many. They are therefore significant to the modern leadership and governance whereby male dominance is witnessed in many nations, they can be a driving force to the women by encouraging them to seek more leadership posts and illustrate their leadership skills.

One of the similarities between the two ancient leaders is that both of them were female leaders who reigned in the times when male chauvinism was prevalent. It was not an easy thing to become a leader as a female during that time but the two leaders were able to break the gender inequality boundaries and became one of the most famous leaders of the time. The two leaders must have been wise and courage since they were able to rule just like any other leader their kingdoms had ever had. The two leaders also demonstrated their quality leadership skills and talents and they were able to achieve and deliver more than it was expected. They also happened to be the strongest leaders during their reign. It is pretty obvious that the two leaders stepped into the leadership simply because they demonstrated leadership traits which acted as a catalyst for their selection.

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The leaders had many differences despite the fact that they had similarities. Unlike Cleopatra, Zetian was not from a royal family and she stepped into the power in a funny way. Keeping in mind the end goal to get the position of sovereign, she slaughtered her infant girl with her own particular hands and ascribed it to Empress Wang. Along these lines, she made Emperor Gaozong oust Empress Wang. In 655, Wu Zetian effectively turned into the sovereign, propelling her political profession. Cleopatra was from the royal family and she took over the leadership after the death of Ptolemy XII. Zetian governed an empire in China while Cleopatra reigned over a kingdom in ancient Egypt. Zetian was a Chinese and she was not faced by many challenges after she took over the leadership, the case is not true with Cleopatra who was a Greek native and she faced various challenges which include natural calamities during her reign. Zetian was an educated empress who was very knowledgeable and that is among the reason as to why she was promoted from her mere work as secretary, the case is not the same with Cleopatra who was not educated but she also had a special skill since she was the first Greek to learn the Egyptian language and to rule over the Egyptians. The other difference between the two leaders is that Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh in Egypt but for Zetian there are more leaders who came after she and she was the only woman to rule the land.

Egypt and China are two of the world’s most established human advancements and furthermore two of the most populated. They are both wealthy in normal and archeological fortunes and, as awesome domains, have left enormous effects ever. Antiquated Egypt was known as Kemet which truly implies dark land. Its present name, Egypt, alludes to the two straits or the partition of Upper and Lower Egypt. Antiquated China was known as Cathay. Its present name, China, which signifies ‘porcelain,’ was advanced by Marco Polo. In the act of medicine, both Egypt and China have created solutions for a wide range of sicknesses. Antiquated Egyptians trusted that diseases were caused by condemnations and spells and gave special necklaces and elixirs to battle them. Ancient Chinese, then again, trusted that diseases were caused by the awkwardness of negative and positive energies, yin, and yang. They treated them with herbs, needle therapy, and certain activities which are still exceptionally prevalent today. The Chinese likewise grew new innovation that was not quite the same as some other civic establishments. They cut heavenly figures out of jade and cast and worked bronze into weapons and customs vessels. The case is a distinction from the Egyptians who principally worked with mud and stone. Most basic mechanical advancements (metallurgy, composing, design, press working, wheel, and so forth) showed up in Egypt a huge number of years before showing up in China.

There are various female leaders who remind me of my grandmother who had some leadership skills. In her times, she was elected in various departments as a leader following her desirable leadership qualities. The first modern female leader who reminds me about her is Hillary Clinton who has been into the governance for a couple of years and has done great things. The second leader who reminds me of my Mother is Mitchell Obama, she has achieved many things which an ordinary woman cannot achieve easily and those are the qualities possessed by my mother.

In conclusion, I have learned that women have a lot of leadership potential just that they are not given equal chances as men to illustrate their leadership skills. They have been given equal chances as far as leadership is concerned and in some cases, they are seen as a week gender and thus denied a chance to rule. It is also pretty sure that the way of leadership has changed since, in the ancient times, there were only a few cases of women leaders, unlike the modern days where women are being empowered to be great leaders.


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