Ancient Greek Fighter and His Weak Link

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Achilles was once a mortal man, but everything changed when he was supposed to be sacrificed to Ares, the god of war; instead, he was turned into a Greek demigod. It has been two in a half-centuries pass by since that horrific events happened. Now the year is 14 A.D. and as like all the other demigods Mikael is able to sustain life for thousands of years perhaps longer. Mikael has been keeping a low key existence for centuries, now the time has come to reveal himself to a village that are desperate for some kind of salvation. Monsters are attacking the villagers and killing them each night for the last four nights. Gods and Goddesses are known to create monsters of all kinds to keep mankind under their control. As Mikael is walking down a tall mountain in central Greece after dark, he suddenly hears a loud scream for help. The scream sounded like their bones being crushed by massive stones. Mikael doesn't hesitate to run towards the screams. Once he got to the area, he witnesses a vampire attacking a family. Mikael sees a mother of two holding her children in her arms protecting them as the father is trying his hardest to fight off the vampire. Mikael intervenes by picking up the vampire by its neck. Attempting to squeeze the dead life out of him.

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The vampires claw works it's way to Mikael's chest making a deep penetration claw marks on him. In a blink of an eye the vampire speeds off without a trace. The family are pleased that he came to the rescue but is shocked to see a man lifting up an enormous beast. This is the first time in centuries that Mikael has shown people his supernatural strength. After a long pause Mikael tells the family to return home and don't come out after dark. If there's one vampire than it means more of them are near. The family runs back to there home for safety. Mikael than putting his hand down on the dirt to feel the vibrations of people if they're close by. This is one of many powers that Mikael was granted. As he felt people nearby, he starts walking towards that direction of the vibrations.

As he's walking on a trail path Mikael, again hear screams. By now Mikael is very close to a village in which the screams were from. Runs to investigate it only to discover that four more vampires are killing all the villagers to feast on there blood. As he is looking at deaths all around, he becomes increasingly seeing red. Now he unleashes the earth devil as he calls it upon the vampires. Taking a dead villager sword slinging it into the air and slicing vampire after vampire ripping out there hearts in between. Mikael was always taught a few things by his parents and that is to always protect those in need and to use a sword when and if necessary. Mikael shouts "I am the protector of these people" out loud so the remaining vampires to become aware that he is here to protect them.The last two vampires approaches Mikael with a loud hissing sound and long fangs that cannot be missed. One of the vampire slashes Mikael's face with its claw leaving several lacerations. Blood fusing out of his wound, when all sudden his wound is healed within seconds. As a demigod Mikael's body can repair itself almost instantly. Fired up Mikael swings the sword in the air and cuts the vampire head off. Now only one vampire remains standing. Both Mikael and the vampire are standing a short distance apart from each other starring with one another.

The vampire leaps off the ground attempting to jump on Mikael for the kill but instead gets a sword threw its heart. The vampire begins to scream in agony while trying to pull out the sword causing his own death. Mikael watches the vampire die when a partial smile starts to appear.They're still over a dozen villagers that remained alive comes out of hiding to bow down to Mikael as they all witness him, incredible demigod that he is. This is the first time in centuries that Mikael reveals his true self to people. What he thought would be a thousand years of suffering would end up him becoming a hero that his mother Melite always new he would be. Mikael vows to protect those that deserves it the most. This is truly only the beginning of his story. The legacy of Mikael shadows will not be forgotten.

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