Anger: a Secondary Emotion - a Bad Motivator


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Anger is a strong emotional response. This is a mood that includes ‘strong dissatisfaction, usually hostility’. Anger arises when a person feels that their personal boundaries are or will be violated. Angry people also experience physical conditions, such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, adrenaline and norepinephrine. Although anger seems to be a harmless, everyday expression of normal emotions, it can still have negative physical, psychological and spiritual consequences in many ways. Anger that humans cannot avoid. Research shows that anger is harmful. If people ignore it, anger will not go away, it will cause more problems. Therefore, people should notice all these side effects and anger. When a person consciously chooses to take action and immediately stops the threat of another external force, anger becomes the primary sensation of behavior, cognition, and physiology.

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Anger produces a lot of physical and psychological consequences. Why do people get angry? Because every day people may encounter something that affects their emotions, and if things affect too much, they become angry. Some people are offended by others. Why is it so hard for people to control their anger? Because people have sinned. In the book of genesis, a long time ago, when Adam and eve left the garden of Eden, they had two sons. Abel was a shepherd. Cain was a farmer. And it came to pass, that in the day of the offering of god, Cain brought forth some of the fruit of the earth unto god. Abel gave some of the best milk sheep. When god saw Abel and his offering, he did not see Cain and his gifts. Cain was very angry. His face sank.

The Lord said to Cain, ‘why are you so angry and your face changed? If a person’s heart is good, he or she will be accepted. On the contrary, sin is like a demon lurking in front of your door. It is wait for you, you will be controlled by it. Cain said to his brother Abel, ‘let’s go out into the wild.’ And when they were there, Cain slew his brother. God asked Cain, ‘where is your brother Abel?’ Cain replied, ‘I don’t know. I don’t protect him. God said, ‘what did you do?’ Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. You are accused, you will be exiled, you will be expelled from this land, and you will devour the blood of your slain brother. You will sow the land, and the earth will not grow. You will be a tramp and wanderer. Cain said to god, ‘I cannot bear such punishment. If you drive me out of here today, I won’t be in front of you again. I will be a nomad, a wanderer, and all who meet me will kill me. God replied, ‘no, if someone kills Cain, he will be punished sevenfold. God gave Cain a sign that he would not be killed by those who met him. So Cain went out from god and came to the land of nod, east of Eden. Cain is angry. Because of the root of anger, it affects the body, mind and spirit. In real life, many people get angry and commit crime. Some people get angry at small things and kill people. Some families are destroyed by anger. Parents divorce and children are unhappy. A study in the UK suggests that anger can have a big impact on families and that explosive anger associated with grief may be both a cause and a consequence of family conflict, resulting in a complex reciprocal and interacting effect that generates a vicious cycle of instability in the household. Our past qualitative data indicated that Timorese women with IED frequently recognized that their explosive anger led to harsh parenting behaviours which in some instances had an adverse effect on the health and well-being of their children. It can also lead to violent tendencies. We can’t destroy our family by being angry. And Anger can lead to many bad results. Because anger can lead to violence, it makes people commit crimes.

Anger disorders are a product of long-term anger mismanagement. In a summary of studies on murder and prior record of violence, Don Kates and Gary Mauser found that 80 to 90 percent of murderers had prior police records, in contrast to 15 percent of American adults overall. In a study of domestic murderers, 46 percent of the perpetrators have had a restraining order against them at some time. Family murders are preceded by prior domestic violence more than 90 percent of the time. Violent crimes are committed by people who lack the skills to modulate anger, express it constructively, and move beyond it.So we have to control our anger.Anger can also affect health and mood. Sometimes very good things, because a little thing angry and lead to a bad mood. It can be very damaging to the body. Anger can lead to many diseases. Like cancer, high blood pressure. Many people die of diseases caused by anger. According to research, incidences of anger inhibition outnumber incidences of anger expression to a great extent, irrespective of preferred expression style. Moreover, slow cardiovascular recovery, rather than high reactivity, may be the mechanism underlying the CVD risk associated with anger inhibition. Furthermore, longstanding anger and hostility compromise lung function and accelerate the decline in lung power that normally occurs in aging.

Anger and hostility alter many bodily processes; the effects overlap with, and compound, reactions to physical and psychological stress, adding to wear and tear on the body. Extreme suppression of anger was the most commonly identified characteristic of 160 breast cancer patients who were given a detailed psychological interview and self-administered questionnaire in a study conducted by the King’s College Hospital in London, as reported by the Journal of Psychosomatic Research. ‘Present results are based on statistical comparisons between 69 patients found at operation to have breast cancer and a control group comprising the remaining 91 patients with benign breast disease. Our principal finding was a significant association between the diagnosis of breast cancer and a behaviour pattern, persisting throughout adult life, of abnormal release of emotions. This abnormality was, in most cases, extreme suppression of anger and, in patients over 40, extreme suppression of other feelings .’We need to learn how to properly release our anger, don’t keep it in your heart.Anger can lead to many bad results. Anger destroys the relationship with God.There are many examples in the bible. In Exodus, God knew that Moses was coming so He spoke to Moses and told him to tell the Israelites to get ready. Moses came down to tell the people to have a bath and to clean all their clothes.God said to Moses: ‘Come up to me on the mountain. I will write my laws on stone tablets and give them to you.’ Moses climbed the mountain and stayed there for 40 days and nights. While he was there, Jehovah wrote the Ten Commandments on two stone tablets and gave the tablets to Moses.After some time, the Israelites thought that Moses had left them. They said to Aaron: ‘We want someone to lead us. Make a god for us!’ Aaron said: ‘Give me your gold.’ He melted the gold and made a statue of a calf. The people said: ‘This calf is our God who led us out of Egypt!’ They began to worship the golden calf, and they had a celebration.The people had promised to worship only Jehovah. But now they were breaking that promise. Jehovah saw what was happening, and he told Moses: ‘Go down to the people. They are disobeying me and worshipping a false god.’ Moses went down the mountain, carrying the two tablets. A

s he came close to the camp, Moses heard the people singing. Then he saw them dancing and bowing down to the calf. Moses was very angry. He threw the two tablets to the ground, and they broke into pieces. He immediately destroyed the statue. Then he asked Aaron: ‘How did the people convince you to do this terrible thing?’ Aaron said: ‘Don’t be angry. You know how these people are. They wanted a god, so I threw their gold into the fire and this calf came out!’ Aaron should not have done that. Moses went back up the mountain and pleaded with Jehovah to forgive the people. God did not let him enter the promised land in order to punish him God did not let him enter the promised land in order to punish him. And, The Israelites also spent a long time in the wilderness because they were angry and complained about god.There are many angry sentences in the bible. Like Be angry but do not sin. Don’t be angry until sunset.We need obey God.Anger is not as common as it seems, overload anger will lead to diseases, stressful mental conditions and spiritual collapse. Therefore, people always need to know how to manage their anger and know how anger affects their body, how anger affect their friendship and family. Christian also need to know what does God say about anger and how a Christian should deal with anger. Anger can do so much damage, so, don’t let anger control people, use anger to do some good work. Also, people need to know the ways to release anger. People can not avoid anger, but people can learn to control and release it.

We can use these methods to control anger. First: listen to music. Find some sweet and soothing music to listen to. These music can help restore calm to people who are feeling irritable and angry. When you calm down, you can’t do anything that you regret. Second: vent. But there’s a way. You can shout at the sky; You can also go to the gym to play sandbags. You can write your anger down on paper and tear it to pieces in hysterics.This will give vent to the anger. Don’t hurt others and yourself.

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