Anger as a Natural Emotion and It Influnce on Human Behavior

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Anger is a natural emotion because everyone will experience it. Sometimes, it is reasonable to get angry like someone hurt us with what they say, do or even experience a stressful situation. But uncontrolled anger can take a toll on your relationship and health so it is important to deal with anger positively. Fortunately, there are tools to help you keep your anger in check which is

Anger is like the tip of a match stick that can burn the entire stick when it is ignited. Anger is like the fire that can hurt others and ourselves. We always express our anger since we are young because we think that anger is a natural feeling. But, we should control anger as we grow up. Most of us are not aware of our own feelings as we do not have enough EQ. We cannot control anger and burst our emotions on others naturally. According to Frameworks, 90-100 is an average EQ score ranges with a complete 160 score. 

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Those who have high EQ can identify their emotions accurately because they can understand themselves by using extensive vocabularies of feelings. As an example, people who are aware of their feelings will describe their feelings with precise words like irritated, frustrated, fumed or infuriated instead of angry. As stated in Success Magazine, only 36% of people can avoid unguarded feelings cause unreasonable actions.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”, quoted by Buddha. Imagine what happens when anger takes over us. Too much anger in us can be accumulated into hatred. When anger takes over us, we can do things without limit that will hurt others. Anger will blind us and lead us to broken relationships. 

When one is angry, the ability to think will take a backseat and perpetuate irreversible damages. Uncontrolled anger in the worst form can be seen when a person turns violent killing families, friends or strangers after an argument. People who flare up easily are not happy and they spread unhappiness to others. As stated in Boiling Point Report 2008, more than one in four people worry about how angry they sometimes feel.

All in all, uncontrolled anger can be serious as it can let a person does irrational decisions. Hence, we need to bear in mind that anger management such as is very important. We should learn to control our anger and deal with it properly in order to build better relationships. One in five people has ended a relation with someone due to how they behaved when they were angry, do you want to be the person? 

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