Anger as a Pre-Conflict Situation

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First of all, tension begins, the adrenalin secretion that increases energy increases, breathing becomes more frequent, heartbeat accelerates, blood pressure increases, body and mind are ready for ‘fight or run’ response. Finding out why anger feeds is as important as its solution. “Blocking” and “restriction” are common among the causes of this tension. Failure to meet physiological needs such as thirst, feelings of hunger and inadequate conditions can also trigger anger. If we think of anger as a spiritual, emotional disorder, obsessive people tend to be more angry.

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They cannot bear the deterioration of the order that meets their expectations due to an external reason. Individuals with some personality traits may find it difficult to control their anger; for example Anti-social personalities. In order to talk about the effect of genetic features in anger control, this needs to be proved. On the other hand, anger control problems associated with manners, upbringing, and upbringing can also occur.

Although it is not possible to completely eliminate anger, it is very important to be able to control the behaviors with this emotion. ‘What happened, I was angry, what made me angry?’ It is useful to ask the question and think about it. Families do a great job in controlling and managing anger. Among the basic trainings that should be given to children; There is also anger control.

Every person gets angry, experiencing anger is not an abnormal situation. And it’s a feeling that doesn’t disappear unless you share it. In fact, people who get angry experience a pleasant, pleasant feeling at the first moment. The negativities arise when the anger is uncontrollable and continues. The fact that anger is not covered and spoken is seen as a much more correct behavior.

The purpose of controlling anger is to gain the ability to express this feeling of man correctly without transforming it into aggressive behavior and harming himself and his environment. So, is it easy to achieve this control? Inadequacy, helplessness, jealousy, fear, anxiety, loneliness, impulsiveness, and incomprehension are emotions that raise anger. When you can share, understand and saturate these emotions that are the source of anger, its transfer will be more positive.

Your goal is not to destroy anger completely, but to prevent it from harming your environment in the transfer of anger. Anger is a natural and temporary feeling, every person lives. The important thing is that your anger and anger do not turn into aggressive behavior and hatred. If you cannot control your anger, you may be wronged even if you are right. Failure to express your nerve correctly can lead to situations and regrets that are impossible to return to. To be able to convey your anger in a healthy way, you must first know yourself and know your wishes. If you can express your feelings clearly and know your responsibilities, you can transfer your negative emotions to the other side in a healthy way.

In order for anger to be expressed in a healthy way, you must first gain some awareness. The person who knows what he wants, knows his feelings and determines his thoughts, expresses his feelings correctly. • The angry person perceives events unintentionally as exaggerated and distorted. Review with what thought anger increased and decreased.

Try to catch words like ‘Never’ or ‘Always’ in your mind that express negativity and anger. Building sentences that start with these words makes you think you’re right when you get angry. It does not contribute to the solution of the problem, as you put the judgment about the situation. • Angry people often tend to judge without thinking and to act in the direction of these judgments. 

When you are angry, slow down first, review your reactions, do not say the first thing that comes to your mind, think about what you want to say, try to understand and understand what the other person is trying to say, do not respond immediately. Try to find the true thought underlying your anger. Try to get away from that environment for a while and calm down. Don’t let the anger of you and your opponent get out of control.

Do deep breathing exercises and try to imagine calming situations. Meanwhile, ‘Keep calm!’ or ‘Relax!’ Make suggestions by saying. It should not be forgotten that we cannot destroy the feeling of anger, there will be events that will cause you to be angry. There is always the possibility of encountering obstacles, losses and situations you do not want in life. It is impossible to change this. It is up to you to change the way you view things. Changing your perspective will help you reduce the feeling of anger created by you to the portable dimension and express it correctly.

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