Animal Cruelty and Protecting Animals: a Topic You Are Passionate About

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Animal cruelty in the meat and dairy industry is rarely discussed and easily brushed off by many. The horrific maltreatment they endure is shocking and devastating. The multi-billion-dollar industry is content to keep the truth about what really happens to the animals away from the consumers. Most people try to avoid discussing the subject because it is disturbing to think about if you consume meat. However, I believe it is something that people should be more aware of. They are deprived of a natural life. I have always loved animals and I want to gain more knowledge about what they go through and why this is the way meat is produced. If it was not for us, these animals would not be suffering. I am not arguing to completely end the production of meat, but to consider the suffering an animal has to go through for the pleasure of your meal.

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After doing some research on how exactly these animals are treated, I was shocked. They are born into a lifetime where they are caged, artificially injected, and abused and will never know anything else. They have no life before death. Immediately they are taken from their mothers and will never know a life with compassion or nurture. They are treated as if they are machines and the farms are built to be as efficient as possible. Animals on these farms are confined to a cramped space with no sunlight or proper care. Dairy cows are inseminated until they can no longer get pregnant in which they then head to the slaughterhouse. As if that isn’t bad enough, workers will also shock the animals with electric prods if they are being uncooperative. Chickens are fed an excessive amount that they weight double than they would in the wild, preventing them to even have the strength to lift their wings. These are only a few examples of what actually happens to millions of animals per year.

The reason I chose this topic is because I am passionate about treating animals the way they deserve. Factory farms see animals a product as if they are not conscious except animals are indeed aware of pleasure and pain. Why do humans get the enjoy their meal while the animals live a lifetime of pain? I hope to learn more about how the industry begun and why it takes abuse and suffering to produce meat. I want to further research if there are any better alternative solutions to continue producing meat but not at the cost of being cruel. Personally, I have refrained from eating meat for 9 years now and it is something that I am passionate about and hope to be a voice for these animals. This subject is important to me because at what point did the industry think it was okay to treat animals like machines who have no feelings and why do so many people not take the issue into consideration. Many people claim they are an animal lover yet turn a blind eye to the fact that millions of several types of animals are facing harsh conditions every day.  

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