Animal Farm by Orwell: Mood of the Novel

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In Animal farm animals are forced to do what Napoleon says. Napoleon is kinda like a dictator. Boxer was the only animal on the farm who work hard as ever but he got old and got injured. North Korea has a dictatorship in which they have to do everything Kim jong unsay. Like he stopped everybody in North Korea from smoking cigarettes just because he stops smoking them. Napoleon and Kim Jong unliving that best life while the rest of the people are suffering from things they only care about themselves which is not right to the other people who want to live their best life but they have gotta hurt. I think Kim is too young to be having control over the country.

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The animals got a lot of things to do to keep the farm up and making sure everything is always good because one of the best workers is getting old and he can't work anymore. Napoleon and Kim jong un took advantage of being a leader they want everything done in the way but everything can't always be the way they want it. as long they stay in as leaders nothing might ever change because they want to boss people around and have people work under them like they don't have a life of their own life. George Orwell based Animal farm on the Russian revolution that happen in 1977. old major was trying to tell the other about the humans and he called humans being abundant. The animal kicked the owner and his wife and friends off their own farm. So now the animals own.

In North Korea they can not leave their people is stuck in Korea Kim rather spend the money on things they really don’t need at all. Napoleon really wanted Snowball off the farm because he was things he thought snowball was gone have all the animals turn against him. Kim Jong Un killed his own uncle like who get they own uncle killed that’s yo whole blood that’s mean his uncle had a whole life to live. Squealer Enforcers Napoleon rules for him.

Napoleon wanted Everybody to think snowball was caused all the problems on the farm but it didn’t snowball it was really Napoleon but everybody just like Napoleon better. It’s crazy that Kim jong-un has to control my everything in North Korea he knows what they are doing at all time he knows when they are on social media they don’t have any type of freedom like The animals on the farm they barley have freedom barely have food to eat. Napoleon and Kim are the worst dictators.

Snowball was teaching the animals how to read and write but Napoleon was just teaching the younger animals how to do things. North Korea is a country when the government owns the Resources. Like the pigs didn’t more real do anything on the farm but tell everybody else what they do. The animals made 7 commands but the animals barely Followed the rules. Having power is not always a good thing because people really take advantage of having power like Kim they can’t leave out of North Korea they can’t even be on social media without having somebody control what they do. Will the United States ever have a dictator? The problem with animals in animal farms is the power can’t be shared Equally. By the end of the story Animal farm changes pigs is walking on two legs like humans but they once said anything with “two legs is an enemy” The 7 commandments changes. North Korea is Killing the citizens having the people thinking Kim jong is the best leader ever in history witch he really now but just says anything so they What die.

Napoleon uses something to get more power over the animals on the farm. If the animals try to leave the farm something might happen to do just like if somebody tries to leave North Korea they will get killed or put in jail. Napoleon and Kim are scared to lose power napoleon was scared that Snowball was gone take over the farm is the real reason Napoleon had the dogs run snowball off the farm like that.

Everything changes later on in the book because almost everybody is dead Muriel, bluebell, Jessie and pitchers change one of the commandments that say “ All animals are Equal “ to All animals are equal but some are more equal than others “. they wanted everything to be so perfect on the farm but it didn't work out because some animals had more freedom than the others. North Korea they are all equal they have to dress alike and everything. Some of the people who live in North Korea run away to china sometimes they are forced to go back to North Korea.         

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