Animal Farm Literary Analysis by George Orwell

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Animal farm was written by George Orwell. This is the story of sheep, horses, pigs, and many other animals who are staying on that farm.The farm name was manor farm. This Animal Farm literary analysis shows how animals are treated by the owner and how the animals are defending.

Here the story starters It was the springtime But for this animal farm, it was not the better spring. There is an owner who's name was Jones besides problems of his own making he drunk every day and come and treat in a bad manner to there animals. So once the owner came he was fully drunk and while it was coming to the animals where observing hum he was not in a proper manner and closing the doors of animal cage forcefully. So to remove this ridiculous manner. They have done a huge gathering in one place where one old age pig was holding the main power. So all the animal's cam and sat the Pigs covered the first row and suddenly the bluebell and the nepoliyoo came and pushed pig and find there best position. Then the conversation started by the head and he said we have to defend ourselves by this touching told and reminds what problem faced by the animals.

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On the next day when the door was closed where the food where kept so animals made unity and broke that door and eat that food and when the Jones came he was so angry and beating animals so animals fought and made to run and after that Mr.Jones went and came back with his friends with armor and guns. But all the animals fought and they won but some animals died so they decided to take care of there children. After that, they all went into one room where the armory where kept and put in open space and burn them so Mr.Jones cant hit them. So they searching where can they stay in a better place so they saw Mr.Jones' house and went and saw but it was not proper then they make the rules that All the animals are equal etc. Then they decided to make there own new houses on the farm. From there they change the name of manor farm to animal farm. The work of building a new house was started they divided the work and made houses. And after that the compare the farm production before it was less and now it was more they were very happy so they decided to tell other animals who are in the rule of there owners to join them. Pigeons went and told but some dined to come and some came because they were not happy there. After everybody came they knew that the main reason is education. Pigs were giving education but some were not interested and some were not understanding. Besides this, the nepoliyoo was giving food and all to the puppies so in the future they can help to rule animal farm. 

Now the time cam of winter and there were no proper houses some animals were staying in cold places and pigs were enjoying in house. So snowbell decided to make a proper plan he got a plan but from upside, nepoliyoo was seeing he was not happy when meeting was going on and snowbell was telling about plan the nepoliyoo dined this is wrong and nepoliyoo call their puppies which were now harmful dogs and told to attack snowbell and snowbell ran and snowbell newer came back. After that nepoliyoo introduce the plan to make a windmill and they stared work and nepoliyoo said I am the head and from that time he rules. But at this nice night boxer and benjamin so that pigs were staying in germs house and sleeping in a bed which was against the law. But they didn't anything once the more trad of ring lion came in an animal farm with food and make a deal. After the deal made the nepoliyoo said to other animals that we had done the trading with the outside world that we will give eggs and they will give as food. But this was against the law but then also the hens were quite. The trader was earing the profits the people were seeing so they decided to kill the animals so they all went to animal farm with armor before they reached the pigeon said to nepoliyoo that they are coming saw they were ready and then they made plan and fought with them and they won but a huge sound of blast cam from windmill side and whole windmill was blast and this was done by Mr.Jones. so the animals decide to remake and they started but the brave boxer got a gunshot on his leg so he was not in well to do work but he did in monsoon season in rain also. When all the animals went in the houses in the evening at that time boxer and benjamin were doing work but due to injury on the leg boxer was not in the proper manner when the rain came he didn't properly balance and the stone fell on him and he was very injured.

 When nepoliyoo heard this news he decided to sell boxer and once a day one van came when other animals where working and but benjamin understood and he runs and other animals were also following him to save boxer but the boxer was already inside the van and then van goes the benjamin and other animals were running but the boxer left and once they got the news that boxer died due to injury. The pigs were walking in two legs which were against the rule but the rules have changed the pigs were walking like human beings. The benjamin was seeing all this and he does on meeting with other animals not only in the animal farm but all others also how they can defeat nepoliyoo and one day they all went and attacked nepoliyoo and other pigs and they won.  

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