Animal Testing as One of the Biggest Social Issues Today

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Imagine you are trapped in a room completely surrounded by darkness in a small compact cage. You are continuously painfully poked, prodded, and injected with new chemicals, medicines, dyes, and even cosmetic products. You haven’t seen your family in weeks and you are beginning to feel ravenously hungry. Sounds like torture, right? Except, this exact scenario sadly happens everyday to animals all around the world. You may be wondering, how can we stop it? Well, that is precisely what I will be answering with three helpful methods you can try in this speech.

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First and foremost, we can stop supporting the brands that test on animals. For example, MAC, Dove, Clorox, Listerine, and even ChapStick! Instead, try substituting those products with the companies that are cruelty free! Such as, Tarte, Trader Joes, Burt’s Bees, Lush, and MoroccanOil. How will I know if a product is cruelty free? This is a great question, which is why most of the non animal testing brands place a logo of a bunny on the product. This method works by the brand hopefully noticing the sales plummet astonishingly low and stopping the testing on animals. Although, most may find this option incredibly difficult, because of how often we use these non cruelty free companies, but even switching out one brand to a cruelty free one can help contribute to the end of animal testing.

Method two, making your voice known! In 2013, European Union’s marketing ban on cosmetic testing went into effect. Israel later followed shortly behind and created a similar ban. Also, PETA’s persuasion on India to end tests on animals for cosmetics was successful, but what about America? The U.S. has disappointingly only increased cruel tests on animals by the environmental groups and decision-makers pushing for regulations instead of creating a ban or a law. There are plenty of ways to “make your voice known”, you can ask your parents to urge their congressional representatives to support the recently introduced Humane Cosmetics Act, or take action in forms designed to stop animal testing online.

Lastly, method three, spreading the word. Whether you’re having a conversation with your friends, family, or fellow classmates, simply bringing up the topic and discussing it with them can create a huge difference! Most people have no idea how badly animals are treated for their cosmetics or daily uses, so spreading awareness immensely help the end of testing on animals.

To conclude, animal testing is a very inhumane way to produce new products for ourselves. So even trying out one of these methods can make a large impact on ending animals being used for testing. Thank you for listening to my speech, and I hope having this discussion will keep the conversation on animal testing going. 

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