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Animal Testing Should Be Banned Or not

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“Opinion and Evidence for the Need to Move Away from Animal Testing” was an article published by The Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT) on 2nd Nov 2017. An article stated that how the author clearly convince people that animal testing is harmful to both human and animals. Many facts support banning animal testing. The chemicals contain contaminated chemicals, which can burn the skin of the animals or harm in other ways (Hartung, 2017). So the researchers or scientists now do not have enough information in animal testing. The cost of an animal’s life, which is the same as the life of a person since every being has a meaning to survive or live. Animal testing has been used since ancient times because people cannot take the risk of sacrificing other people’s life. However, animal experiments are not researched enough or properly researched and this experiment cost a lot. Therefore, animal testing should be forbidden and I’m truly convinced by this article.

The dispute of this article is how the chemicals affect the subject or animals. The authors stated the claim about the facts and opinion based on the author, which in the article, some of the paragraphs are facts, and some paragraphs are supported by policies or legalized policies. However, the policies are based on the European region (Hartung, 2017). The authors’ purpose is to convince the readers to accept the claims that animal testing should be banned since the chemicals might harm the animals. The worst case is some animals end up dead. For some reason, if some people or lawyers disagree with this claim then many policies backed up these claims since all of the authors stated their opinion and supported by a policy and proof. Also, there is no gain in publishing this article since it is theoretically true that animal testing harms animals up until modern days. It may have some gain in letting researchers or people know more about animal testing. This essay should be published in local places such as the supermarket, local parks, etc. This article or essay might affect people who truly love and care about animals emotionally since these chemicals that are tested on animals are hazardous or dangerous to them.

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The article stated some strong evidence that supports the fact that animal testing should be banned. Animal testing can lead to ethical and economical concerns. Economical concerns are the cost of the chemicals, the duration that has spent hours on researching and experimenting, and other utilities that are needed. For ethical concerns are responsibility, not enough information or research, statistical under-powering, lack of predictivity, and real-life situation (Nogrady, 2016). “Only 59% of the studies stated the hypothesis or objective of the study and the number and characteristics of the animals used. Most of the papers surveyed or researched are not use randomization (87%), to reduce bias in animal selection and outcome assessment. Only 70% of the publications that used statistical methods described their methods and presented the results with a measure of error or variability” (Hartung, 2017). The evidence that our research by researchers or professors is either not controlled or standardized to an extent that results are no longer relevant (Sharp, 2017).

In conclusion, I’m convinced of fact that animal testing should be further study and research rather than just to test on animals since animals have many species and types that are not the same. Some species and types may not result in the same because each animal is not the same. There are economic and ethical concerns that need to be cleared before doing animal testing. The economical concerns are the cost of the experiment, the duration of the experiment, and other utilities that are needed. The ethical concerns are responsibility, not enough information or research, statistical under-powering, lack of predictivity, and real-life situation. 


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