Animal's Pursuit of Happiness, Life and Liberty


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Recently there have been concerns surrounding the idea of whether animals should have rights to life, liberty, and happiness as humans do. Some people may disagree that animals should have similar rights as humans as they lack the ability to reason and use logic. However, some may agree that animals should have the same rights to humans since they express emotions as humans do. Therefore, Animals should have similar rights to humans because they are capable of feeling pain, sadness, and happiness.

One reason that animals should have rights is that humans do not need to slaughter animals for food. In fact, mankind can live a healthy lifestyle without animals. According to the One green planet website, “Plants contain all the vitamins and nutrients that the human body needs to thrive” (Geer). This shows that consuming meat is unnecessary for the human population. In addition, eating plants can be suitable for humans since it supports the human body; thus, giving animals their right to live.

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Another reason animals should have similar rights as humans is because they express empathy both with humans and animals. According to the National Geographic website, “An old woman who couldn’t see well, got lost and was found the next day with elephants guarding her. They had encased her in sort of a cage of branches to protect her from hyenas” (Worrall). This conveys how the elephant showed empathy for the lost woman, in which the elephant protected and ensure the safety of her wellbeing. In addition, there have also been reports on a humpback whale saving the life of a seal. As stated on the National Geographic website, “There is a documented account of a humpback sweeping a seal on its back out of the water, away from the killer whales” (Worrall). This reveals how the humpback whale showed characteristics of human traits such as emotion.

Others may believe animals should not have similar rights as humans for several reasons. For instance, according to the Infobase article, “We like to distinguish ourselves from animals by saying that only humans are rational, can use language, are self-aware, or are autonomous’ (singer). However, this argument is invalid. There are many people in society that have developmental issues and disorders that prevents them from using reason and logic. According to Tom Ragan, the leader of the animal rights movement, says, “They can’t read, do higher mathematics, build a bookcase or make baba ghanoush. Neither can many human beings, however, and yet we don’t (and shouldn’t) say that they (these humans) therefore have less inherent value, less of a right to be treated with respect, than do others” (Ragan). This established that even though some humans have higher abilities than animals, it does not mean someone should be considered them less of value compared to humans since all humans are different. Therefore, animals and humans should have the same rights regardless of their diversity.

Animals should have the right to life, liberty, and happiness as humans since they feel emotions. In fact, they have similar traits as humans to feel pain, depression, and happiness. They’re also unnecessary for the human body since there are many alternatives to eating meat such as plants.  

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