Anime Emergence in the Philippines

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In the area of behavior, Hao and Teh’s study shows that Japanes media is more likely to exert modeling effects on the youngsters, making them dress like Japanese idols and seek for information about these idols (Bravo, 2012).

An underdog protagonist faces life’s struggles with a strong determination and is assisted by friends along the way, managing to stay optimistic and cheerful most of the time. Not only can the audience relate to such tales, but they also see values similar to their own such as positivity, cheerfulness, cooperation, friendship and camaraderie (Bravo, 2012).

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The stories have real human interest and unlike most Western cartoons where it is always the protagonist winning at the end of the day, anime stories present a relatively more realistic representation of struggle. Aside from encountering challenges, protagonists also have pressing personal issues and emotional baggage, not entirely magnanimous or too fantastic to be human. At the same time, antagonists are shown in a more human light and in most anime, the reasons for their turning evil are explained. In this way, the Filipino audience can relate more and see themselves in the characters (Bravo, 2012).

Anime also tackles serious matters such as death, poverty, politics, and war. It is not afraid to present things as they really are. Anime characters show that they have their own fears and problems but try their utmost to confront their challenges courageously. While they do not always win their battles, they believe that they will emerge strong after their loss and they always keep their optimistic stance. Their stories are also not complete without the myriad characters they encounter – friends who help them overcome their tests and encourage them to do better and even enemies who teach them life lessons and provide motivation for their actions. Most of these anime show a certain depth in portraying human relationships (Bravo, 2012).

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