Another Story About the Kind Little Red Riding Hood


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An Irish poet, W.B. Yeats once said that “Storytellers make us remember what mankind would have been like had not fear and the failing will, and the laws of nature tripped up its heel”.Over the time, people’s interest in folk and fairytales are getting away because of the latest technology our modern society have. Folk and fairytales made their childhood so different and unique. The memories they shared with their family will always be memorable.The story of Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most popular folk tales. This folktale has three different versions like from Delarue, Perrault and Grimm brothers. Every version has its own twist created. It is a classic tale which tells us to fight with bad and cruel things. It also tells us about gender classes and roles, equality and a certain attitude which defines them a good or bad person. The two stories which will be compared is Perrault’s story and Grimm brother story. Both have different climax at the end and both teaches us a moral lesson. At last, you will know further the difference between Little Red Riding Hood and Red Cap.

The Perrault was writing this story late 1600’s. During that specific period, gender roles and gender has a great impact in every individual. Most of the men were farmer, fisherman, baker, and black smith while the women were housewives, nun, and servants. “What we see in Perrault’s version is the adaptation of a crude folktale to the more sophisticated tastes of high society. His version was not meant for children to read, usually it was for rich people.It has sexual and dirty contents. His version has a bad ending. The little girl was eaten by the wolf because he was hungry.The little girl was aware that something is wrong but then she continues to stay with wolf. She was seducing the wolf maybe she might be saved. Lastly, the Grimm brother’s version which was made hundred years back in Germany.During 1800’s, the gender roles and classes was still different. The role of the women were children, house or kitchen and church. And during this period, the women started to study at schools while men has the biggest role. They are the one who is earning and have right to study.

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Lastly, the certain attitudes of the person whether he or she is abad or good person. France, for example, had indistinguishable sorts of issues from whatever is left of Europe: political, social and monetary strain exacerbated by religious division. Indeed, even equipped rulers and authorities had trouble administering France right now. “At that, the wicked wolf threw himself upon Little Red Riding Hood and gobbled her up too”.The wolf symbolizes evilness, he is very greedy and want to trap people with his sweet talks. He ate the grandmother and her grand daughter at last. The period of Grimm in Germany in early 1800’s had too much changes most especially in social change. A major social change was between 1800-1850 Depending on locale, was the finish of the conventional house framework, in which the owner’s family lived respectively in one huge working with the servants and. They rearranged into discrete living game plans. The owner’s wife no longer taking charge of all the household chores. A hunter was just passing, and he thought: “how old woman is snoring! I’s better go and see what is wrong.”He entered the house and went to the room and saw the wolfing laying down. He killed the evilness in the house and the saved the two peoples. The hunter is sign of good and brave man.

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