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Anti-Smoking Ad Photos: A critique of Two

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Rhetorical Analysis Paper

Each advertisement listed above indicate that smoking causes death. Each are a little different but share the same purpose and message. Personally, I feel the photo that displaying the gun induces more emotion because of imagery reasons. Although, people who smoke do not directly take a bullet, smoking kills over time. Not to mention, that it is one of the leading causes of death throughout the world. The authors of these advertisements want to bring awareness to the truth, and help people see the real risks involved. The phrase ‘a picture speaks a million words’ is very applicable for these photographs. This is true, because even though one is entirely missing words, and the other only contains one, many ideas can formulate off a simple photo. Smoking is not only a way of death, but a painful one at that. Many people undergo serious health issues before death even approaches them. The author of both advertisements uses logic to deliver these methods. Logos would be the proper terminology for this.

The first photograph has a hand holding a cigarette and the smoke forms the word ‘death’. The author of this selection is using the rhetorical strategy of logic to appeal to audiences. This is true, because everyone is aware of this sad but true fact. Smoking directly causes cancer and emphysema as well. These diseases kill thousands of people each year. The purpose of this ad is to remind people of this fact, because certainly, cigarette companies wouldn’t post an ad such as this. Even if they must post surgeon general warnings, not all claim death as a side effect. Not to mention, that such deaths are not painless, mush suffering occurs before death is even reached. By using logic as the appeal, audiences are directly shown the consequences of their actions. This is used as a deterrent for those who have yet to pick up this habit, as well as a reminder to smokers to quit. This strategy of logic is quite convincing in my opinion.

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The second photo is very similar to the first. It also indicates that smoking causes death. However, in this photo, a boy is smoking, and the smoke forms a gun. The author of this piece also uses the strategy of logos in the rhetorical situation. It is logical or common sense that smoking is not healthy or good for a person. Unlike older times, the dangers of smoking are broadcasted heavily in todays times. Many people have seen similar advertisements in commercials and online too. It is clear to state that smoking causes death, making such a logical conclusion. The purpose of this ad is the same as the first, it is most likely from an anti-smoking campaign.


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