Antibiotics at the Extremes: Beneficial in the Right Amount, Dangerous When in Excess

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Antibiotics is a medicine (such as penicillin or its derivatives) that inhibits the growth of or destroys microorganisms. In the US we use about 35 million pounds of antibiotics just in one year. The amount of antibiotics given to animals has increased to about 16 percent just in 2012. 80 percent of these antibiotics are chickens, pigs, and cows which most humans eat these animals. Although people think that antibiotics are good for humans, actually too much of these antibiotics can actually harm us.

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With the use of these types of antibiotics, using a ton of them can actually harm us. It can harm us when we inject too much of these antibiotics in our system because then the bacteria can become immune to these biotics and may not work again on the body. Also, developing new antibiotics will costs a good amount of money so why waste all the antibiotics that we create today and just save the antibiotics. Medicine like Penicillin are barely recommended anymore because it is now less effective as it was back in the olden days. Dangerous bacteria that can kill people have been growing resistant to the drugs, which can leave humans at risk of getting infections that can’t be controlled.

The overuse of antibiotics in animals can hurt us humans in a way. The animals have the antibiotics in their system, which can be passed on to us humans when we eat the animals for dinner. Overtime if we keep using all these antibiotics for these animals, then soon we will have no more antibiotics for us to use when we get sick. Bacteria will be able to eat away at our system. As the bacteria have evolved, in other words, our weapons against them haven’t kept pace.

Another way to help minimize the use of antibiotic is to not give them to people that do not need them. A lot of people do not technically need antibiotics when they are sick. Most people just assume that we need antibiotics immediately when we are sick. If you put too many antibiotics in your body, the bacteria can become immune to the antibiotics that you are giving it and then you become sick even longer. In the U.S., antibiotic resistance caused more than two million illnesses in 2013, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and an estimated 23,000 deaths, adding up to more than $20 million in healthcare costs. This is bad news if we want to go into the right direction speaking about solving these antibiotics issues.

In conclusion, we need to find a way to be able to stop all this spending and wasting of these antibiotics. Somehow and someway we need to get authority of this situation and put an end to these little antibiotics that aren’t needed in the world. If somehow we are not able to fix the problems that we have, a lot of people will be wiped out from the overuse of antibiotics.

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