Psychological Disorders: a Problem of Anxiety

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Anxiety can be the other name for stress and fear, a different reaction of another action. This can happen to anyone, at any age, doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult. Male or a female, worker or a student, anyone anytime can go under stress, fear or uneasiness and can have anxiety. It is a natural happening to your moods and it is a part of your life. But if the reaction continues and reaches a different level or happens to bring another strong reaction, continues to six months more or a little less than it is a disorder. You need help.

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Causes: Anxiety is a reason of your fear, stress or tension. It can happen at any time. The reason can be your weakness or fear about anything. But it can happen at any time to any one, at any age. Going to school, the first day, at the new job, late at a time scheduled program or at the time of a speech. Any time you can experience anxiety. But if it harms your ordinary life or gives you more stress or gives you panic. Than what you already have and so it becomes time to visit the doctor, mind it! According to the American Psychiatrist Association women suffer more than men.

Reasons: Challenges and to face them are a part of life. Still there are happenings that we cannot overcome. Cannot cope with help, support or we start sinking by taking drugs, getting addicted or become crazy or mental patient. So we need to go to doctor.

Loss: a part of life but sometimes we don’t want it to happen to our beloved one or we know that we will also die, but that does not help much!

Stress and anxiety: Something really matters! Speech on the stage, job interview, broken dreams or relationship.

Depression: By looking at someone you don’t know, if he or she has depression or not. At teenage, they stop being social, does not laugh, sleeps a lot, you can just feel something are not normal. Only then psychologists can help. One like ‘sitophobia’, fear of eating is serious. This type of phobias need treatment from psychologists and therapists.

Phobias: Being afraid of some insects and afraid of height are common phobias. But some phobias are real problems, like not going out of house or not talking to anyone.

Feelings: How does anxiety feel like? Well if you walk in a dark road at night or you sat for an important exam. Maybe you are on the stage, how do you feel, excitement, butterfly in stomach? Or chest pain? Symptoms can be like running faster, fast heartbeat, on a ferry’s wheel, difficulty in sleep, eating disorder, restless or maybe you can-not concentrate in anything. Not only these but everything, all the problems increases or goes out of control.

Types of anxiety: The most common root, in a human, result of all the anxiety is depression. Not only that, phobias can happen, hypochondriasis, post natal fear, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder. It is normal, like the part of life, to know and to share, but if it becomes severe, then you need a doctor. People suffering from anxiety disorder becomes so much effected that some people don’t have the courage to go out of their house. Does not have sleep and gets nightmares. Some people cannot stand on others, cannot tolerate others and thinks that bad things happen to them.

Anxiety Treatment: Nowadays anxiety disorder is nothing new, it happens to the people under stress and cannot happen to anyone is not true. It is only a type of disorder, you need to go to the physiotherapist and have to take medication. Or if you understand that you are stressed, follow the stress and anxiety relief to stay fit. If it is more than that, then you should seek a doctor’s help.

When to go to the Doctor: If you feel those problems or facing some of these, then it is time to visit a doctor.If you are stressed. Stress is only a part of life. Everybody can feel stressed due to any unwanted, or facing the not desired problem. Some people feel cursed. To fight with these or to have the courage to be motivated, the person can cope with the stress, some get advices and follows to solve but for some people, it becomes worse. It can turn into phobia, nightmare or a disorder takes place. This can be due to the loss of a loved one. You can feel depression, feeling lonely or not enjoying social company. Sometimes it is our beloved one facing this problem or family members having problem with another person of the same family, or in the office because of the boss, or colleagues may be. You cannot face them or cannot tolerate someone. People are aware of depression and trying to get help. If you feel something like that, go and visit a doctor. A stitch before a tear, can keep away your fear. There are some other ways, which can actually help you, if you think. After you feel you are stressed, then try to check about it and the severity about it. Make it sure that, you will not let it grow! There is sleep time, you sleep enough in your scheduled time and relax. You need to stay relaxed. There can be acupressure stress management, calm down process or breathe and relax, nature sound, inner balance. Recently there are apps in your mobile to make you relax or some family photos to bring you back from gross anxiety.

Apps that helps: Without a stress, life is incomplete, but not to make it grow and get endangered. The apps are ‘Anxiety Free’, an i-phone app that has 4 out of 5 star user reviews and it is free. Acupressure app has the same review, but not free, you have to buy it, to use it. ‘Nature sounds: relax and sleep’, same rating but free to use. ‘Stop panic and Anxiety Self-help” free. And so on, more and more but without the correct analysis you might make your anxiety problem worse.

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