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Apollox is Disrupting the E-commerce Industry

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From hosting social networks down to accessing information, the internet had greatly changed conventional ways of communication. Haven opened up existing blockades; we can now interact with others far away in other continents.

With its upsides, it was not surprising that the internet had become a platform for most activities. Few years down its line, the internet hosted other innovations. Electronic commerce became the norm soon after. It was meant to be a disruption and improvement upon existing trades. One can conveniently place orders for products from merchant sites and have same delivered to his doorstep. This as many posited, is one of such inputs that positioned technology as the best innovations of the 21st century.

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In spite of this, there were initial problems. Since products are advertised on websites, the result was virtual trading. Hence, buyers hardly get to have physical contact with products before paying for it. As an upgrade, new e-commerce approach was created. There was mediation between sellers and buyers by intermediaries. The likes of Alibaba and Amazon bridged the gap. Merchants can sell their products through this channel. Buyers on their part are assured of getting quality products.

However, selling through these intermediaries attracts extra costs on sellers’ part. There is also lack of trust by buyers. More worrisome is last-mile hitches. This leads to failed and delayed deliveries. With growing disaffection among buyers, there were multiple start-ups that could have brought revolution to the industry. They were however frustrated by top e-commerce giants. These platforms in their bid to remain tops in the industry, offered shared economy partnerships to these start-ups. Along the line, they derive information on their workability and use same in working against them.

Haven taken note of these malaises in the industry, a block chain platform was touted as solution. To this end, ApolloX was invented.


Haven recorded immense success in its decade-long life span; the block chain had successfully solved issues in fiat settings. By deploying the technology to the e-commerce industry, ApolloX hopes to bring transparency and distributed transactions to the industry.

The e-commerce industry is currently saddled with problem. ApolloX solves these downsides by bringing up working protocols. There is the payment protocol to foster peer-to-peer transactions on the platform.

The reputation protocol restores trust to products and purchases. End-users often rely on reviews from other users. This lets them make informed decision on their purchase. To this end, users can place unbiased reviews of purchased products. With this, you’re sure of getting the best product since reviews are honestly-placed.

Placing targeted adverts is one step of electronic marketing. Inducing users to buy is another. What them becomes the case when a business spends much and gets no sales? ApolloX is hedging this downside by letting businesses have firm control of their customers. Haven gotten buyers, ApolloX allows business retain their customers through loyalty programs. To induce customers the more, they are offered incentives when their referred friends make a purchase.

Brewing Trust

Just as one cannot make the Kingdom of Heaven without belief in God, a business cannot prosper without trust from its customers. ApolloX solves this issue by using the distributed ledger of the block chain. It ensures transactions are not regulated just as users’ data is not compromised. With its P2P transactions, buyers can directly get in contact with merchants.

Token Distribution

ApolloX is creating the necessary steps that would usher the e-commerce industry into a decentralized platform. Though having features of conventional e-commerce, ApolloX backed by the block chain brings distributed transactions to the industry.

The platform is expected to attract fiat marketplace. Likewise, sellers won’t have to pay extra fees accrued to middlemen. Buyers also have protected data and access to products at cheaper rates.


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