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Nowadays mobile and mobile based applications have become a part of our daily life. There is a big opportunity doing something in this field. There is always a place for something new useful in this world. Our product is a medical service application having no potential competitors. It is a blood donation application. Thorough this application blood seekers can easily communicate with the registered blood donors also with the blood banks. In here a user can easily communicate with the donors by internet base calls, normal phone calls or by messaging them both in online and offline.

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This application will be developed to easily search for bloods in nearby areas during the emergency time with the help of global position system. There will be alternative option information about different blood banks with blood in their repository. This application will be simple, user friendly and easily accessible in both with android and iOS platform. There will be a special feature where registered donors will have an option where after donation the donor’s name will not show for next three months.

Also in this system there will be advertisement banners and sponsorship method to earn revenue from this application. Government will also help to implement .They can use this availability feature at their convenience. They can such a kind of apps. As a lifesaving service our purpose is focus on our management. Get right donors for the right blood seekers in need as soon as possible, reaching them in need within a very short time

Industry Analysis

As it’s a start up business, first of all its needs to analysis the industry.

Its helps to understand the position of the competitive market. It’s also helps to know the opportunity & threat of the industry. This apps is under the service industry.

Overview of the Industry

We will be focusing on private blood donation service in Dhaka city. Inhere most of blood donation are unpaid generally done by voluntarily or by close relatives. Social media groups are also a potential source of blood donation. There are also some websites which helps to find donors. But there is no potential apps like this which is helps people to get blood as easily & also as fast. (slideshare, n.d.)

Overview of the Market

Every product or service exist to solve a problem. Every blood seekers of Dhaka city is our target market. As there are no potential application service for blood donation, there is a big opportunity to be successful in this market as the usage of technology is increasing day by day.. So chances are very high as there are some role models like for transportation uber, pathao for education 10 minute school and for food delivery food panda, hungry naki . But what about blood donation service. So here the solution. Without any doubt this medical service will flourish. (blood-bank-management-system-, n.d.)

System Development: In this fast era people are wondering what really is mobile app development.

The App

Here the logo of “Blood 24/7”

Blood 24/7 is a service application to help and create a bridge between the donors and the people in emergencies. The app will be launched for the people of Dhaka city, under the Android system as it has a huge number of users. As the world is becoming dependent on technologies, an application containing the ability to save lives by donating blood in palms is always in need.

Objectives of the App

The three objectives of the app include –

  • To help people, in case of any emergencies for blood just in time,
  • Collaborating with Governmental and private blood donation banks,
  • To establish a relation between the donors and the people who are in need

To help the people in case of emergencies:

The app is here to help the people in emergencies by delivering blood through donors in right time to the right person anywhere anytime.

Collaborating with the Government and private blood banks:

This app can be used as an alternative of the existing blood banks of the city in which it is going to be launched.

To establish a relation between the donors and the people in need:

In emergencies people always rely on their own resources. Therefore, this app can help build a trust among the donors and the people in need for further uses.

Functions of the App

The application will help people in need to find the right donors in right time in any emergency at any time. The application can work faster than the blood banks as it works through internet and connects to the donors directly because there is no present factor in between. Besides, the app will show the customers how or where and when the blood is being delivered and used. The app will collect. The functions include the identification (personal data like mobile number, name and blood group) of the donors. This will help the user to identify the donors of their need in time. Besides, the donors and the users will have different log in options to avoid any difficulties. (Mobile Developer, 2016)

Implementation Timeline

Architecture & Planning – (2.5-3 Weeks): During this stage of the project all facets of the app are thought out. Beyond a simple idea of what the app needs to do and how it needs to look, what other resources are needed? Does the App need to connect to an outside database? The entire app is mapped out from start to finish. The more that can be done in the planning phase in terms of thinking out content and functionality will make the rest of the development process go much smoother. We have that it should take 2.5 to 3 weeks for this part, though the larger, more complicated the app, the more time it will take apparently.

Design Period – (3 Weeks): The design period is where design are created to show how the app will look. Color patterns are implemented at the end of this phase or during development. Work with clients to understand their branding message and carry that through the app. During the design stage need to be careful as having too many people involved in the design process can slow down the app. This phase should take approximately three weeks, but can be slowed down if timely feedback is not received by the client.

Development Stage – (4-8 Weeks): This part of the project designs being turned over to the developers so that they can properly code the application. The various pieces are curved together including navigation, user interaction, database integration, web services and ecommerce platforms. Any and all functionality is built in to the app, all coding is performed and pages are correctly linked.

Testing Stage – (1-1.5 Weeks): The testing period is one of the most important parts of the projects. Some clients want to cut down on the testing time or eliminate it altogether to save time. So, it should be HIGHLY discouraging to do that. The testing stage ensures that the app works properly, all databases are connected, there are no broken links in the app, and everything works as was designed. If an app is pushed through to deployment and does not work it will be caught by ios or android system and rejected. Even worse, if the app does sneak through and does not work, a few poor reviews can really hurt an app’s chance of success in the App Store. During testing, test on any and all devices that the App will run through simulators and live devices.

Deployment Period – (6-14 Days): This is the point where the app is submitted to app store for approval. While approval times have greatly improved since the App Store was first launched. This is the last stage of implementation timeline.

Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategy that can be used is the undifferentiated marketing strategy. This is a strategy that targets the whole market and offers the same service for everyone. It focuses on common needs.

As anybody in emergency can be in need of blood. But the restriction is, to donate blood one has to be at least eighteen years old with a sound health. Therefore, it will be a very effective if the marketing is done through an event or targeting college level students. This will inspire a lot of people to donate blood, especially the young adults

This is an interactive marketing that works through two way communication channels that will allow the donators to understand the importance of donating. This program will demonstrate the features and uses of the mobile application to them so that they can get comfortable with the app. The event will also offer interactive info graphics and question answer sections to cast away any confusions.

Rather than that, targeted audiences can be also reach out through social media as it is very effective in an age of science like today. Also, there can be newspaper advertisements. This is an efficient way to inform the app.

Success Measures

Write the benchmarks that will show you your success on app implementation. These standards should be set considering SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). Also state why you choose this as a measurement

The benchmark is to serve the right customer by the right donors just in time. To accomplish this goal the app needs to follow these following rules:

  • The mission is to serve every people who are in need of blood and the vision to is build a successful team to help the people of the whole country by skill and good service
  • This whole process will need four years to develop as this is a big process to reach all the districts.
  • The goal needs huge financing. Thus, there has to be enough resources to be found and used. But once it starts to earn its profit,
  • The goal matters to the developing team. The goal is worthwhile, the right time is now and there are enough efforts to be given.
  • To achieve the skills there has to be trainings to be eligible in the market. This section is going to be done within a year.

SMART process is very important to be in the long run. The app is here to stay in the market, this is not a fad. To achieve the goal and the vision SMART is necessary

Cost & Benefit Analysis

A cost-benefit analysis is a process that use to analyse decisions. The analyst sums the benefits of a situation or action and then subtracts the costs associated with taking that action

Cost Determination

About three to five lacs will be needed to develop this application its maintenance cost will be one lacs per year. App store licensing cost will be about eight thousand five hundred tk and licensing cost of play store is two thousand five hundred tk which is a onetime fee. Marketing cost will be ten lacs for running campaigns and advertisements and assuming one or two lacs of miscellaneous cost.

Revenue Generation

It will be a free application. We will earn our revenue by advertisements, CPI (cost per installation), sponsorship and also by funding. Price range of online advertisement eighty four to one hundred sixty eight tk per click. Cost per installation for iOS free app is seventy three tk and for android application is thirty eight tk. We can get about five lacs from per sponsorship and about ten lacs from funding.

Profit/Loss Determination

It will be high profit if it becomes successful. As there will be no such cost except app development. It will be a complete loss project if its marketing fails. Nevertheless from our assumption we think we will earn approximate thirty five to fifty lacs lacs tk with a costing of ten to fifteen lacs in three months.

Critical Evaluation of the App


  • Time saving
  • Contacting the donors directly
  • No storing expense, no loss of blood
  • Real time information about usage of blood
  • Compact & easily excisable
  • Moreover life saving


  • Fake calls
  • Technical difficulties
  • Lack of communication with donors

Barriers of Implementations

The application is totally phone-based therefore, there can be some barriers that includes

  • Getting enough users
  • High implementation cost
  • Getting the funds of the application
  • Promotions and marketing (Anon., n.d.)

Getting Enough User

This application is not a regular application a user comes across every day. In this world of hard competition it can be assumed that the app may not be noticed easily and lose eventually.


From this application we will solve the difficulties of current scenario. Blood will be easily approachable within short time during the time of emergency. This application can be successful as uber , pathao as we will follow their pattern. There is a big opportunity in this medical service. As there are many flourish applications which are in prosperity in the developed countries. In future we will extend this application for whole Bangladesh reaching as close as possible during the time of emergency.

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