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Applying the Do-no-harm Project in South Sudan Conflict Resolution

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Do No Harm project was and still act as the best method in solving conflict through non violence conflict resolution. It’s already been used and showed success in more than 40 conflicts scenarios. The do no harm project explains that in conflict situation aid can strengthen, make worse or extend the conflict, but in other way aid could assist in minimizing pressure during the conflict and give people power to avoid fighting and looks for a peaceful options to solve the conflict. So aid can encourage the continuation of conflict or aid can help people to stop and have a peaceful life. Even though there is negative party of aid in conflict that does mean aid can be separated from conflict.

In this paper the adaptation of do no harm project is the best way in solving south Sudan conflict, through the use of political stakeholders and civil societies, any conflict local people or society are the one to solve their own conflict and not external people.

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By applying do no harm project in south Sudan will be easy to analyses what divide the involved groups in the conflict, tackle the sources of tensions and division of these two groups also the root of the conflict historically. Second issue is to see despite of the conflict is there anything that makes these two groups connected. Do no harm project found that most of society conflict people are divided but there is something’s that still connect them in one or other way example markets, religion or symbols.

In south Sudan both groups Kiir’s tribe Dinka and Machar’s Nuer tride have differences, connections and also local capacities for peace building. In common experience these two groups share national identity this connecting factor will help in design an appropriate solution mechanisms. On the other side ethnicity and political differences are dividing factors in south Sudan, by understanding their differences and connections factors would make it easy in applying non-violence resolution like Do-No-Harm project to make/build sustainable peace between the two conflicting parties. In this proposal the main aim is solving this conflict without a looser or a winner between the two groups. A win-win solution plays an important/vital role is solving and maintaining the sustainable peace in the country.

In order to ensure the successful programming in solving the south Sudan conflict, donor agencies, political stakeholders and civil society must design programmes where by donor staff will work together with both tribes groups to find out specific common shared interest to use in developing programmes, and come out with developing ideas which would combine exactly where these two groups are currently differ and fight with one another for both economic and political resources could agree on some common efforts. But stakeholders and civil society make sure that donor agencies channel their resources in supporting unity and the development of combined effort in south Sudan and make sure the equal participation of both groups.

To solve the south Sudan conflict civil society, political stakeholder should work together to solve the conflict by organize a monthly seminars with youth from both tribes Kiir’s tribe and Machar’s tribe also with donor agencies to reconsider and re-assess the impact of conflict situation in the country and find options or new approach and programmes that could help minimize tension and support connectors as the youth are the one used by both tribes to fight each other.

Involves the agreement between both parties to terminate political rivalries and accept win or defeat in election for the purpose of peace to reign in the community. This is where the both opposing leaders think of their people first and not their desire for power. In this stage, its best for them to realize their mistakes and with their free will agree in one voice to correct and make sure they start all over again regardless who is a winner/ loser. A good example is the reconciliation between South and North Korean officials who have recently decided to release a joint statement for Peace, Prosperity and Unification on the Korean Peninsula since they started their rivalries in 1953. On 27th April 2018, Kim Jong Un became the first North Korean leader to step foot in South Korea where he was welcomed by South Korean President Moon Jae-in where Kim promised to give up his nuclear arsenal.

In this stage, all antagonistic parties have to comprehend with the feeling that they are both victims of conflicts and violence that happened in their areas and both have suffered tragic losses in one way or another. So what is real needed is reaching the agreement which will benefit the citizens. A Perfect example is the Rwanda genocide of 1994 which involve violence between two tribes of Hutu and Tutsi. These Ethnic groups decided to settle their differences for the purpose of ending the killings as well as unifying their citizen as one strong nation, here the ethnicity must be abolished and come together as one nation.

Here both parties draw a well-structured political and economic rearrangement which target to strengthen psychological possibilities of living together peaceful despite the persisting conflict. Both opposing group take into account the issue of the coming generation and how this future citizen will benefit and enjoy the fruits of reconciliation. This stage is accompanied by the last event of celebrating difference and reconcile of the former enemies reached when the true reconciliation has been achieved.


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