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Approaches To The Management At The Work Place

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Invest in Employee Career Development

Company need to view human capital differently. We are seeing a fundamental shift in the changing nature of the employer-employee relationship as organization seek to attract and retain good employees in a declining labour market. Employers are willing to make an investment in developing their employees are more likely to retain their top talent. In fact, some organizations are using internal career coaches to help employees with career development. “A principal cause of employee turnover is the lack of attention to career opportunities,” said Alex Avery, a member of the HR Leadership Program at GE in the Cincinnati area. “An individual career coach can offer more attention to individual employee career paths,” Avery said, noting that this one-on-one interaction can enhance performance, build commitment and decrease turnover.

Google’s Guru-plus employs 350 internal coaches in 60 offices worldwide to address career management, leadership training and employee well-being, among other topics. Coaching sessions range from one to eight sessions per employee and are conducted virtually using Google Hangouts. Another option is for HR to work with managers to review their employees’ job descriptions and, if necessary, redesign those jobs to enrich or enlarge them, though Duxbury said she is concerned that corporate leaders’ overemphasis on operational efficiency can undermine managers. “The whole American economy runs on doing more with less,” Duxbury said. “Younger people don’t necessarily want management roles because it’s not a good job for work/life balance. ” She advises employers to find ways to make managerial jobs more attractive. By hiring more support staff, employers can free up talented employees up for more important management responsibilities.

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Build a Mentoring Culture

There is little question that may experienced workers will be leaving their jobs in the next decade. And that giant sucking sound you will hear is all the knowledge being drained out of organizations by retirement and other forms of turnover,” DeLong said. Mentoring and coaching are two of the most effective ways for Boomers to transfer their knowledge and expertise to younger, less experienced employees. “Many Baby Boomers would love to take on coaching and mentoring roles where their whole job is knowledge transfer,” Duxbury said. “Mentors elevate and escalate knowledge transfer, which is useful in shortening a learning curve,” added Julie Kantor, president and CEO of Two mentor LLC, a management consulting firm in Bethesda, Md. , that helps organizations build mentoring cultures. NASA’s phased retirement program allows retiring employees to work on a part-time basis in training and mentoring their replacements.

The assignment ends when their proteges are able to fulfil their responsibilities. NASA also invites recent retirees back for similar purposes, highlighting how an alumni network can become a treasure trove of mentoring resources and possibilities. Statistics show that mentoring can have myriad organizational benefits: It reduces turnover, increases job satisfaction, develops employee capabilities and demonstrates to employees that the organization is invested in them. As an HR professional in health care and sales organizations, Rene Petrin discovered that many companies weren’t doing enough to develop their employees. Petrin launched Management Mentors Inc. , a consulting company in Waltham, Mass. , that helps organizations develop mentoring programs. He views mentoring as a vehicle that enables organizations to implement a strategic game plan around recruitment, retention and professional development. While mentoring often occurs informally in organizations, Petrin sees a qualitative difference when the relationship is structured and formalized.


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