Influence of History and Politics on the Foundation of American Identity

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U.S. History is made of up so many different pieces. Each with its own objective and premise. The main themes are American and National Identity, Politics and Power, Work exchange and Technology, Culture and Society, Migration and Settlement, Geography and Environment, and America in the World. All these themes influence our history and make it so unique and rich.

To begin with, the American identity is ideas mainly. It's the way Americans choose to express themselves through their common values and by their beliefs in individual freedom. (Anonymous, n.d.) National identity is a sense of a nation as a cohesive whole as represented by distinctive traditions, culture, and language. Identity itself is more than a handful of things; it is race, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnic cultures, and economic class. This involves U.S. history because our nation has been drastically changing when it comes to these issues. Debates have always erupted when these matters arose and it's important that we talk about how and why that is so that we can one day end these arguments.

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Furthermore, politics and power have also been very influential in our history. Politics is basically the activities involved with the governance of a country, especially the debate among individuals or parties fighting to achieve a higher power. Political power is the ability to outright control the behavior of people or just influence it. Power in politics is just your political strength. Politics and power have always been so greatly involved in U.S. History dating from before April 30th, 1789 to modern day and it's not just presidential elections and such, it's more than that. Politics and power associate a lot with the government and media as well. It is important for us to learn about this, this upcoming school year because considering we are soon to be involved in the next biggest political event we should be well educated about the matter, instead, of being ignorant about it.

Next, work exchange and technology are composed of many things, such as agriculture, commerce, manufacturing, evolution, and change in technology. Also, it is the relationships between labor, social classes, private and public companies. Some of the most crucial parts of history have been mainly associated with the work exchange and technology periods, for example, beginning with the (Tanner n.d.) Native Americans that have established a trade route before 1491 across North America. Then after, with the significant improvements of technology Columbus was able to use his ship to sail across the Atlantic and land in The Americas. Saying this, you can see that work exchange and technology have been very beneficial to the making our history. Therefore, we need to be educated on the matter because that is how umpteen jobs and technological advancements have started, all of this started so much more.

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