Are Advantages of Homeschooling Outweigh Those of Traditional Learning?

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Homeschooling is a type of Education that allows parents to educate their children at home instead of sending them off to an educational institution such as public or private schools. It is gaining acceptance from the public every year, and many families are looking into this education option for their children. There are many reasons why parents decide to homeschool their children; they may get bullied in their school, get poor grades or don’t get the quality education their parents feel they need. Many people, however, argue that this form of education isn’t as good as traditional learning. Both Homeschooling and Traditional Education have advantages and disadvantages to them. However, the advantages of homeschooling outweigh those of Traditional learning.

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Homeschooling gives parents and students the opportunity to study at their own desired pace as opposed to Traditional Learning, where students have a fixed schedule that cannot be altered to fit their educational needs. This advantage gives homeschoolers time to better understand their lectures and curriculums, which in return make students become much more familiar with their courses. Many homeschoolers even excel at many subjects and can be grades ahead of students who attend traditional schools. This is just one of many advantages homeschoolers have over students who attend Public schools.

Not only can students study at their own pace, but they also get a one on one learning experience, which other students do not get. Because of the large amount of students in a classroom, a teacher is not always able to give attention to each individual student. Homeschoolers, however, get individual academic support from their teachers. This lets their tutors examine the student’s studying styles and habits and focus on their weaknesses in order to know the exact areas where the student is struggling and can further assist in helping the student improve in those areas. As a result, students who are homeschooled tend to understand a lot more material and get better grades.

Older Homeschoolers become more disciplined because they are able to study independently. These students discipline themselves to stick to a fixed schedule without a teacher having to remind them. They do a lot of work independently, focus on their work and manage time efficiently, which are all very important skills for college.

An interesting difference between the Homeschooling system and Traditional system is that Homeschooling usually offers more courses than Traditional learning. Many homeschooled students take additional courses such as photography, robotics, speed reading, woodwork, baby & child care, home economics and the list goes on. This gives students an opportunity to do what they love as a course and earn credit for it, which is exactly what many colleges look for on a student’s transcript; extracurricular activities and additional courses. In a Traditional Learning institution, however, students often have limited course options, mostly limited to Arts, Dance and Physical Education.

Studies have shown that homeschoolers score higher on standardized college admissions tests, maybe because of their ability to self-study. ACT and SAT scores are crucial for college admissions, financial aid, and scholarships, so a good test score is necessary to get into a good college. According to a recent study, the average SAT score of homeschool students was 1092 compared to a national average of 1020. Homeschoolers not only score higher on standardized tests, but also have higher GPAS. Because of their ability to study at their own pace and receive one on one assistance from a tutor, they usually are able to perform better because they understand their material better. Studies show that Homeschool freshmen students obtain higher GPAs in their first year of college, with a GPA of 3.37 for homeschoolers, and 3.08 for students who go to Public and Private schools.

One of the main concerns for parents with homeschooled students is their social life. Students who do not attend Public schools don’t get to socialize as much because they are often confined in a room by themselves and their tutor. Although things like bullying can be avoided by staying away from a school, students tend to lose their communication skills and can sometimes find it difficult to make friends. Homeschooled students, however, can still make friends outside their homes and even form study groups with other homeschoolers. Many online homeschooling organizations offer online chat groups and social activities, so students can still maintain healthy and social lives whilst being schooled at home. Homeschooling still has a long way to go in becoming a widely accepted form of education. Soon, most university professors will teach their students from their home online.

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