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Are Burning Pill Fats Actually Effective And “100% Organic” The Way They’re Being Advertised?

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A project was given to us to analyze a magazine advertisement. The magazine advertisement that I chose was a green coffee bean that will run in the “High Health” magazine. The product is being marketed is a green coffee bean pill that is supposed to be 100% pure and no artificial preservatives that help is suppose to help you “prevent fat, but burn it” as written on the left hand side of the bottom of the page. The creator of this pill supplement has made an booming business with this product which has many different factors of being good and bad.

This advertisements will probably lead to a favorable outcome due to the way their product has successfully manipulated lots. The information in this ad is very little and the font size isn’t as appealing either which might cause some confusion to the audience and have them paying more attention to what the pill promises. The strategies that appear to be seen is how they use of the image a portion of fries literally on fire, which allows the target audience of people who are wishing to shed some pounds fast or probably fitness addicts to actually see the rival (fat) being eliminated. Coincidently, the portion of fries very close resemblance and detailed like the design of the most famous fast food fries, McDonalds. This overall portrays the idea that they (advertisements) are directly taking on people (the consumers) that their dietary pill will help them lose fat, burn fat, and prevent fat in the fastest and healthiest way with this exact coffee bean pill. The overall background colors of the ad are eye catching and aggressive. The top of the ad has a charcoal color that blends in well with the redish orangish color flames that show and indicate the fries literally burning with smoke evaporating into thin air, which brings all of the elements together that sort of brings all of your attention to it. The words, “Burn Fat.” highlighted in a white color under the imagine of fries which almost resembles a box of Mcdonald’s fries.

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Although most of the top half of the page is dark charcoal color towards the bottom of the fries it’s almost like it depicts a shadow around the words “Burn Fat.” Whereas the bottom part of the ad has almost like a purposeful line/tear in between it which to me looks like “coming to the better side”. The bottom half of the page has a light gray cloudy color. The first thing that is written in bold black color is, “DON’T JUST PREVENT FAT. BURN IT.” which is the main point of the ad, to get people to buy this amazing fat reducing, healthy, 100% pure green coffee bean pill. Aside from the large bold printed words, the rest of the bottom half is basically lightly summing up what the pill does and how it burn fat easily and prevents the upcoming fat from building up in your body.

On the other hand the right hand bottom side of the page is the actual image of the container that holds the pill. The container is a sandy beach color with the products name all over it in bold letters “ GREEN COFFEE BEAN”.

On the outside of the product is labeled 50% off which would catch a lot of consumers that are already hesitant about buying the bill. This text interests me because I am someone who is opened to losing weight and how to in different ways every once in awhile. The words in this ad are implying that if someone were to buy these “fat reducing” pills than they will not only be reducing the amount of fat that they are intaking but the future fat that they will be consuming. It also says that they are clinically proven to help and they are popular amongst daytime popular shows. As a person I am always open to trying different ways to become health but I also question anything that is health related or comes about to being 100% organic or pure. Not everything that is said in T.V., advertisements, magazines, and etc always come of as 110% true and a “fact”.

Technology is something that this century is relent in which means our information is bound to change every year or maybe everyday. Not everything that people want to present is 100% true which comes off scary because you never know if these big corporate companies actually want the best for you or money. The creators of this ad are assuming that the readers/consumers are easy to persuade into buying their product just because this pill is organic and pure, 50% off original price, and helps prevent and burn fat is too good to be true. It’s also quite arrogant because the product should be taking about the consumer, reassure the consumer that this is the right choice, and make them feel good about themselves. The ad creator has come off so strong and bold that no one would not like to lose the fat that they already have in the best healthiest way. This ad is one example of how multiple strategies are being used to persuade and guilt trap the consumer into buying their product which targets a weaker audience that are struggling to lose weight and this being the last option.

The creator of this ad choose multiple rhetorical ways to get the consumer to buy their product. They use textual, visual, and examples of appealing strategies to get their message out loud and clear. They way the creator is describing the pill, using an image of fries that are “burning” and certain words highlighted/bolded is a way to draw in people that are generally fall for false advertisement like this. The highlighted phrase, “DON’T JUST BURN FAT, PREVENT FAT’ along side the displayed example of the coffee bean pill with drawing attention with “facts” that say things like “pure and organic” shouldn’t be questioned and just bought just because it is, “organic”. The placement of the image also sparks my interest as the actual ad is about selling the coffee bean supplement; however, the biggest, most eye-catching image is that of the burning fries. This means that although the company is trying to sell this amazing pure green coffee bean pill, their main clients are those who are willing to lose weight no matter what.

Which essentially goes back to the weaker audience who feel like that this is their last resort and will turn to just anything to help them lose the weight that they don’t like. This explains why the image of the burning fat is more capturing than that of the coffee. The technique that are used might draw in the more desperate consumers but a consumer like me that is more careful and attentive sees through the manipulative side of this ad which could draw serious concerns and negatively impact the way that this company is portrayed. The information that is highlighted (Pure Green Coffee Bean can naturally help you reach your healthy target weight) but left out (doctors medical advice and what’s in the pill) might scare some because if the company has left out the ingredient of makes the pill so special and fast rapid weight loss than it might implant fear into some. When I read an outside source on this green coffee bean diet pill, I found my first thought on this, too good to be true. I also found out that the initial language that I found to be “false” and too “perfect” were exactly right. The Federal commision has sued one of the Florida bases that make these green coffee diet that was used and was later found to be a bogus marketing on the Dr.Oz Show to lose rapid fat, the articles name being “FTC Charges Green

Coffee Bean Sellers with Deceiving Consumers through Fake News Sites and Bogus Weight Loss Claims.” In this article The FTC basically examples why this pill has been dangerous for many people who are desperate to lose this false advertised pill. They also stated that this green coffee is marketed at $50 monthly. In the article it says, “Not only did these defendants trick consumers with their phony weight loss claims, they also compounded the deception by advertising on pretend news sites, making it impossible for people to know whether they were seeing news or an ad,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection” (Rich 1). This product has gone way overboard to the point where consumers don’t know if they are being show’d this product as an ad or if this is news showing that these green coffee powders/pills are beneficial to their health. I believe the creators of the green coffee bean pill have successfully manage to trick their target audience, typically people who are struggling with weight loss and thus being their last resort. They took a risk in presenting their product with false advertisement which actually worked to their advantage, because in the ad the representation of the fries literally on fire which indicated the fat being “burned away into thin air” worked as fast as the pill should, sadly. The goal of this ad for the creator is to hope and boost up the popularity of this product through T.V shows and through celebrities which gets normal people like me and you to take a long term subscription of this “amazing” fat burning pill.

In ‘ The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1’ the statement that Katniss says to the president “if we burn, you burn with us.” This quote indicates the conflict between the districts and the capitals. Coincidently, the language used and the choice of words sees fat- promoting industries as the Capital and small businesses as the districts.


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