Are Cell Phones Dangerous: Sale of Technology Without Warnings

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I would not have been convinced that cell phones cause stress to the body based off of the demonstration presented. The method used was not entirely correct. By starting out with the information she was correct in doing this because it states the facts and is the basis to which the experiment can be based off of. She also did not give enough information about her product as to how it work and what it does to the body, nor was there any other testimonies stating the working of the product making it even less reliable.

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Demonstration was incorrect because she did not do tests on the boy’s arm before she had the phone call with him to be able to test the results thoroughly she only tested his arm after the experiment. I also believe that Jane is not qualified to be able to perform these tests on the boy as she is not a medical professional and may not know what she is doing. By putting pressure on the boy’s arm proves nothing as she may have put pressure on a specific nerve causing the arm to move downwards, or the arm could simply have been tired as he was holding the phone up to his ear for two minute which can cause blood pressure to increase making the person’s arm more fatigued as the oxygen is not being supplied as fast as usual, therefore she did not do enough research to substantiate her theory. Naturally the boys arm would have gone down easily when pressure is applied because holding your arms horizontally upwards can become tiring due to muscle strength. She should have used another example to prove her point as the arm had very little relevance to her health information.

Another reason why her method was wrongly executed is because when she started to notice the harmful side effects of her phone, it was tested when she had been using her phone for a long time (for most of the week) whereas when she demonstrated on the boy it was only for two minutes which as stated in her research can soften the tissue around the ear and heat the brain tissue, however for the demonstration there is no proper way for her to prove that the brain tissue heats up after the use of a phone for more than two minutes as she does not have the medical equipment needed to carry out that action.

She should also have tested both boys for her demonstration to prove that it was an overall effect for all people not just Sandile, the more people tested the better for more accurate results. She should then have repeated the experiment except this time she should have told the boys to use her product as a reliability test- to show that her product actually does work and is not just a money making scheme. Jane should have done multiple tests to show the varying effects on the body to show how radiation from cell phones affect the body. Her methods were unscientific making them unfair, unreliable and invalid

If Jane could have used set amount of times for a week of the use of the boys’ cell phones to see any changes and she could have asked the boys to log any symptoms that they felt during the week like if they got any headaches, etc. Jane should have rather tested another part of the body that’s affected by the electromagnetic waves like their eyes because eyes are very sensitive to radiation and can possibly provide more accurate results over a week. And then allowed the boys to test her product to see if it does work for them.

Based off of the information she gave at the very start of the discussion with the boys I would have believed that your body can stress but the demonstration would have caused me to change my mind. If Jane had used her demonstration on me I would have felt that she was just trying to get me to buy her product because there was not much factual evidence during her demonstration explaining why she did what she did in certain parts of the demonstration to show how a person would be able to see the difference in the experiments.

I think that it is ethical to sell cell phones without warning because there are no severe consequences to using a cell phone. I don’t think that cell phones can cause extreme damage to peoples physical health as radio waves are one of the lowest frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum therefore it should cause the lease amount of damage to humans.

Radio waves produce the smallest frequency that is found on the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that they have very spaced out/long wavelengths making them one of the least harmful frequencies. However like most things, if there is too much of these waves (too high of a frequency) it can penetrate the skin- heating it and potentially damaging it or cooking it if it I exposed for too long.

In the research I found, there have been no reports stating that cell phones actually cause damage to the human body, several reports state that the experiments that have had negative comments about the radio frequency waves on the human body have been unable to be redone with the same/similar outcomes therefore proving that there are no major health risks involved. With the multiple experiments done and articles written, most of them state that radio frequency waves causing cancer or other serious illnesses may not be true as there is no sufficient evidence to substantiate these claims. I personally think this is due to the fact that this era is too technologized to know where the harmful radiation comes from nor can we know what diseases they cause. There are too many different kinds of frequencies around us that we are in contact with daily and the mixture of these radiations may be the cause of illnesses such as cancer, not just radio frequencies alone. I don’t think there is a way to test my theory because as people who have jobs and social lives our environments change and in a laboratory where these experiments generally ae tested there won’t be the same effects and I doubt that scientists will be able to monitor the person in their daily life as I’m sure the equipment is not exactly travel safe or easy to transport as well as expensive making any damage detrimental to the machine and possibly the experiment.

Even though cell phones don’t produce high frequencies of radio waves there is a limit placed on the level of frequency that cell phones as well as many other electronic devices are allowed to have, one of the cell phone companies: Motorola have a low SAR (specific absorption rate) and their cell phones get tested for their SAR as well as to see if there are any physical effects present after the use of the phone and so far none have been reported.

Where these frequencies may not cause brain tumours or cancer, it can cause other things such as cataracts in the eyes as they are extremely sensitive to their surroundings. It is also known to heat the tissue/skin that is around them (the radio waves) and if the skin is exposed to high frequencies of the radio waves it can cause damage to the skin- it can cook or burn the skin and it then causes a spike in the temperature of that tissue that was pierced by the waves. It is also said that long term subjection to these wave cause certain diseases or mutations (over the span of years) which makes sense because during this time the waves could possibly weaken your body’s reaction to the waves an you may become susceptible to diseases, that being said phone companies should add the possible long and shrt term risks when selling the phones to ensure that the buyers do not try sue the company for them getting a type of disease caused by the phone, it would also be nice if we were aware of the risks we would be taking in order to minimize the use of it to increase our safety and lower the chance of us getting the disease or illness (either to slow the process by using the phone less or to prevent getting it at all)

These effects are very small because there is still no ‘concrete’ evidence to prove that it is in fact the high frequencies of radio waves that are the cause the rise in temperature after exposure because radio frequencies do not ionise cells like other types of waves do (gamma rays or x-rays), meaning that there is no permanent or genetic/cellular changes that occur only the heating of tissue.

Although there is a possibility that cell phones are in fact the cause of harmful diseases such as cancer, I don’t think that it is the only contributing factor and because there is so much technology and different kinds of radiation that we are surrounded by each day it would be impossible to say what causes it, the cancer/disease could have been caused by the processed foods that we eat that are filled with harmful toxins. I don’t think that it is unethical for cell phone companies to leave the warning label off of the phone or the packaging in which it comes in because there is no evidence that proves that cell phones have severe harmful effects on people and most people don’t even read the information put on cell phone boxes. There is also a lot of evidence that states that there is no proof that cell phones cause these issues therefore I think it would be unnecessary to put this information on the product as it may not even be true and if it is not true then the companies may end up losing a lot of business because people would be too afraid to buy it.  

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