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Are Gmo the Silent Killer?

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It is true that when visiting any website with anti- GMOs, you’ll find very scary and alarming news about the dangers that GMO foods possess. So, it makes you wonder why we even allow this type of food to even be produced? These foods kill, alter or obstruct many animals like pigs, sheep, cows and rats, what if a human was to be next? And its only tested on animals in lab studies right now but possibly in the future humans are the next test subjects. GM food is thought to cause infertility, aging in adults, health risks of the internal systems, immune problems, etc. There is good and bad fact to be written about GMOs, so we can’t pin point the most effective results of the findings.

There are over two thousand studies claiming that GMO’s are safe, but yet many studies also show dead or deformed animals. You can’t hide the truth about GMO’s when an animal shows up deceased. A test was ran on a few rats that were fed genetically engineered corn and those rats developed cancerous tumors after the experiment was finished. Jeffrey Smith has his own website and he listed more than a dozen of cases in which he’s seen animals that got fed GMOs, turn into having conditions unexplained such as early deaths and cancers. Or even pigs that were fed genetically modified feed turned sterile or had weak pregnancies.

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Sheep are in the danger too. Some sheep that ate the bt cotton plants, immediately died after consuming. What is alarming to all consumers is that the Biotech Industry tries to hide these facts from the general population to further their sales or marketing. But aside the bad facts, Alison Eenennaam and her assistant, Amy Young got together and researched a study of GMOs and food. They looked into years ago (1996) and how the feed was 100% non GMO and to now where the feed is over 90%. They found that GM feed is safe. There was no unusual happenings in the condition of the animals since 1996.

The studies have been conducted on many animals and it has reported the same findings of being safe. GM food is not harmful to animals. So the impact of GE feed on any animal health condition is closed as it has no dangerous impact on their health. Although there is much conversation about GM food or GMO’s, its still unclear which side people should take. The thought of eating harmful food will always be in the back of their minds due to the fact that the GMO controversy hasn’t been solved. Does GMO’s harm the birds, butterflies or the bees that land and feed off these plants? Do GMOS increase the price of food costs or production?


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