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Are Harry Potter And Peter Pan Movies Similar?

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Movies can have a lot of differences but still be similar. Books can be the same way. The Harry Potter Series and Peter Pan are based on children’s books. Harry Potter is a young wizard whose parents died when he was a baby and got sent to live with his mean aunt, uncle, and cousin. He gets a visit from Hagrid and gets sent away to Hogwarts where he meets his best friends Ron and Hermione. Peter Pan is a young boy who lives on a magical island called Neverland where no one ages. He is scared of growing up and wants to stay a twelve and a half year old boy forever. He meets Wendy, who then changes his life forever. The Harry Potter Series and Peter Pan happen to be my favorite childhood movies because of the thrilling magic that is in it. If one movie is similar to another one, then someone will most likely want to see the other movie because it appeals to their taste. If someone likes The Hunger Games they will probably like Divergent because they are similar in many ways. The characters in the movies Peter Pan and The Harry Potter Series are alike in the following ways: They have magic powers, villains, and the ability to fly.

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The characters in both The Harry Potter Series and Peter Pan have magic powers. Harry Potter and his friends are wizards that cast spells using wands. When their wands are taken away, however, wizards and witches can not use their magic. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry doesn’t have his wand while in the chamber and he can not protect himself from Tom Riddle. However, Professor Dumbledore’s bird brings Harry the choosing hat that appears to be empty. Later he realizes that there is a sword in the hat that can kill the giant snake-like creature attacking him. This is another form of magic in The Harry Potter movies. Similar to Harry Potter, Peter Pan also uses magic throughout the movie. Neverland is the supernatural place that Peter Pan lives in along with mystical creatures and the pirates. This place is magical itself because anyone that enters this place stops aging instantly. Anyone could live there forever and not age. Peter is a young boy who has lived in Neverland for a long time and doesn’t want to grow old on earth. He does visit earth occasionally and one day he meets Wendy. He shows her and her brothers the magic of flying and takes them to Neverland. They meet Peter’s friends, the lost boys, and some of the fairies. Eventually Hook gets in the way of their fun and kidnaps Wendy and her brothers. Hook also tried to poison Peter in his sleep but Tinkerbell drank the poison saving Peter. Tinkerbell started to die but Peter said the chant “I do believe in fairies” and somehow Wendy sensed what was happening and also said the chant causing a domino effect around the world. Eventually the power of so many people saying the chant saved Tink’s life. This brings about a new type of magic to a movie. Although Harry and Peter seem different in many ways, magic is one of their biggest similarities.

Next, Harry Potter and Peter Pan both have Villains that try to destroy them. Harry Potter has had a villain since the day he was born. Voldemort killed his parents and only managed to leave Harry with just a scar. Voldemort tried to kill Harry multiple times but failed. He thought he killed Harry in the last movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, but he was faking his death so he could kill Voldemort while his guard was down. His plan worked and he killed Voldemort, leaving the wizarding world a peaceful place. Also, Peter Pan has a relentless villain that won’t go away. Hook is the leader and captain of his pirate crew in Neverland. He is jealous of Peter and Wendy’s relationship and he kidnapped Wendy with intentions of killing her and her brothers along with the lost boys. He didn’t get the chance to do that since Peter and Wendy outsmarted Hook and ultimately defeated him and the others. Hook and Voldemort are alike in the ways that they both got outsmarted and defeated.

Another common factor in these two movies is the character’s ability to fly. Harry and his friends fly by using a broom. However, it’s not always a smooth ride. In one of the movies, Harry’s broom gets out of control and almost kills Harry. The broom was under a spell by another wizard. Harry’s ability to fly is also a good thing because he was able to get away from the marauders faster while on his broom. In Peter Pan, the characters fly by using happy thoughts and pixie dust. Hook doesn’t have very many happy thoughts so it was almost impossible for him to fly but he managed to do it anyway. Fairies are the main reason Peter and the others can fly. The fairies fly by using their wings and pixie dust. Hook finds out the secret to flying and Peter almost get defeated and killed by him. Being able to fly is essential to both Harry and Peter.

Finally, Harry and Peter share the same passion for magic but in different ways. Harry strives to be the best wizard he can be without hurting anyone. This is why he was “the chosen one.” He does whatever it takes to save his friends and his school. With Harry’s enemy hunting him down all the time, it isn’t easy to have fun and relax. However, with the help of his friends, he manages to get some relaxation time. Also, Peter would be nowhere without the power of Neverland’s magical capabilities. He wouldn’t be able to fly, he wouldn’t be a young boy, and he would probably be dead. His enemy also gives him a hard time. Hook is jealous of Peter’s happiness. He tried to steal it away from him but he failed miserably. These two characters are from two very different movies but share a common love for magic. Being able to fly is a plus for both of these characters. However, for Peter, it is not only a fun way to transport himself, it’s his greatest weapon against Hook. If a child likes The Harry Potter Series, they will most likely like Peter Pan, too.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?