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Are Modern People Computer & Cell Phone Addicted?

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Computers make people isolated and decrease their communication skills. Computers were actually invented to help in daily tasks and connect people over the internet. Today, it is mostly used for social media, video games and many other activities on the internet that waste a lot of time but may not feel like it. He does not pay attention to his friends, family and even himself. Cell phones are also computers and people use them to make calls or send text messages. But some people have become very addicted to them. Amusement parks used to have big gatherings. But now you will find people sitting on a bench lost in their cell phones without bothering about their surroundings.

People who are addicted to social media compare every aspect of their life with a random user on the internet and become self-conscious. They do not go outside because they think everyone around them is better in every way. In this way, they become isolated in their room. People spend time on social media talking to random people all day without doing anything productive. But when they meet someone in person they face communication problems because of the time they spent in isolation. Spending a lot of time on social media each day leaves less time to talk to others in real world. A person may have a thousand friends over the internet without having a single friend in real life. People think of online profiles as an extension of who they are. Social media encourages you to identify yourself with your real name and picture. Nowadays, Social media is treated more like a resume.

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Video gamers sit in their rooms all day playing video games and do not go outside to socialize with their friends. When internet features were introduced in consoled and pc games a lot of players became addicted instantly. They played certain games with their friends over the internet and while talking to their friends throughout the match. Some games were made for simultaneous players connected throughout the world. Gamers mostly use headphones while playing video games and because of the loud sound from these headphones, they cannot hear a sound outside the game even if there is a thunderstorm outside. Playing video games takes a lot more time than it actually feels causing isolation for players.

Headphones have completely changes the way a person listens to music. Before some time, friends used to go to concerts together and discover new music. But now, a person can go to the internet and download new music. In addition to this, he listens to music while performing daily tasks instead of talking to the people around him. This makes him isolated from his surroundings. Listening and dancing to music with friends in a party is completely different from listening to music with headphones sitting alone in your room. Noise cancellation headphones are very common today. Many people use them to block the sound from their surrounding and completely isolating themselves.

Today’s society is facing isolation because of cell phones. Instead of meeting our friends face to face we just call or text them. Texting them all day is not similar to talking to them over coffee. People have become so addicted to cell phones that accidently leaving their cell phone at home makes them turn back even if they are half-way through their journey. This is because they see their cell phones as extensions of themselves. People take pictures, videos and talk to their loved ones through cell phones and feel that it is a part of themselves. This is called extended self. People who view their cell phones as extended self, feel more isolated when separated from it.


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