Are Schools Doing Enough to Prevent Bullying: We Need to Keep Fighting

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  • Introduction
  • Exploring Whether Schools Are Doing Enough to Stop Bullying
  • The Causes of Bullying in Schools
  • Conclusion


Bullying is one of the worries that the community deal with every single day. Do Schools Do Enough to Prevent Bullying? This kind of harassment is very common among teenagers; they wake up with the fear of attending school because they have to suffer another day of getting bullied. We live in a hypocritical society because even though the community is aware that bullying is not a good thing, they still bully others which makes their ignorance grow bigger. Bullying is a typical concern in the current society in which many are still confused and lack knowledge. This is a behavioral problem wherein the use of bodily strength or harshness of words towards any being is present. The outcome of bullying does not only cause harm to one’s physical attributes but also affects them emotionally and mentally. To further clarify, it is simply something wrong that we are aware of yet only a few try to produce an output through their actions. Bullying is also a kind of violence in which actions are repeatedly done by the bully themselves, most likely to be school-aged children. Verbal, Relationship, Physical, and most used by teenagers, Cyber Bullying are the four main types of bullying. Physical Bullying takes place when a student, uses their bodily strength to harm their target. This may be kicking, pushing, etc. Verbal Bullying is the use of harsh words to insult a person they dislike. This is most likely humiliating, name-calling, etc. Then goes Relationship Bullying, this is when a person separates another person from their peers usually through gossiping, spreading malicious rumors, etc. Last, but not least is Cyber Bullying, which mainly takes place through the net, with the help of technology. This comprises bashing, using editing to change one’s appearance to make fun of them, etc.

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Exploring Whether Schools Are Doing Enough to Stop Bullying

There are 3 main people involved in bullying: the bully, their target, and the bystander. Frey, Hirschstein, Edstrom, and Snell (2009) said that a bully is someone who intentionally harms a person verbally or physically. Typical bullies are controlling, hot-tempered, do not appreciate others, and are aggressive towards adults. Most bullies came from a family where they lack parental guidance or have been abused physically and emotionally at home. The victim, on the other hand, has low self-esteem and is physically weak. In addition, children and adolescents with obvious physical and mental issues are more likely to be bullied in school because of their conditions. Even students who excel in academics have different cultural backgrounds and new students also experience bullying. Parents of the victims tend to overprotect their children which makes it hard for their children to make friends in school. Bystanders are the people who did not participate but have witnessed the incident of bullying. They can be part of the problem or solution to the problem. Sometimes bystanders usually do not interfere with the bullies in the fear of being the next victim because they also lack the skills to stand up for the victim. This act of violence often happens in public and private schools from elementary to high school. Places, where bullies tend to attack their victims are where there is a lack of no adult supervision like the playground where elementary students frequently experience bullying. Bullying also takes place inside the classroom during class and class breaks or when the teacher is not around. Restrooms, corridors, locker areas, and other school premises where teachers and other authorities do not usually stay are some places where students say they have been bullied. The mention of attributes such as when, where, and who is involved provides the background study toward the accumulating events of bullying, particularly in school. We are not to take this situation lightly, students are like the bystanders, instead of being a witness we must build courage and take action, to avoid the ignorance of the people, this sets a good example and is a courageous act.

The Causes of Bullying in Schools

Bullying is one of the most dangerous acts out there, but what are its causes? Bullying happens due to some circumstances such as the bully does not like the person or simply because they somewhat feel tough about it. They bully people due to multiple reasons such as jealousy, insecurity, or misunderstanding from one individual to another. These are just one of the few common factors that cause bullying within this toxic society. People judge these aspects by thinking so highly of themselves, that they forget the word respect. Some people just cannot accept that other people could be better than them in some ways. Another cause of bullying is also abuse, some bullies were abused which is why they put their anger out on others while other bullies seek attention from others which they do not get at home. These acts of bullying can affect both the bullies and the victims and some of the damages of these effects can be permanent. The effect of bullying on the victims are they are forced to skip classes due to fear, self-harming, develops eating disorder, some effects that can be crucial to their mental well-being and are social anxiety, depression, and bullying is one of the many reasons why most teens suicide while the effects for the bully are they become more violent if their acts were not tolerated in their early years and can be easily be involved in fights. While the effects on the bully include poor performance in school due to suspension of classes because of his actions, having difficulty maintaining a good relationship with others, and increased risk of substance abuse. Bullying can also have long-term effects on the bully such as ending up unemployed, at risk of abusing their spouse and children, and substance abuse. As mentioned bullying is one of the most dangerous acts out there, but why is it that millions claim that they are against bullying but are still oblivious to it? Knowledge of its effect and the reason behind why there is a bully is a wake-up call for us to take action rather than ignore it.


In conclusion. People had the choice to stop bullying but they choose to continue. There are a lot of other ways to teach not just him but also all the other bullies to teach them their lessons. But do schools do enough to prevent bullying? Bullies should be given proper sanctions by their schools. Their parents should undergo counseling to help them become more responsible parents to their children. And for the victims of bullying, do not keep the pain to yourself and be brave to speak out and as help from others do not let the fear prevent you from giving the bully the punishment they deserve. Fight the bully not the way they want you to but by defending yourself in the right way. Bystanders can also help stop bullying by standing up for the victims by reporting the incident to the authorities. Schools can conduct seminars to help students know more about bullying and programs that will protect their students from bullying. Parents could also help their children who suffer from bullying by being their support system. Parents should make their children feel that they are not alone and that they are loved. Society has more power to stop or continue bullying. This society should learn how to accept, accept that everyone is different in their unique way and nothing is wrong with that. And if this society cannot accept that, then maybe this society is a hypocrite society where awareness and ignorance are raised at the same time by the same people. 

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